Saturday, November 8, 2008

What do you do when not blogging, Matty Boy?

Well, hypothetical, in my time off from blogging, I like to kick back and... blog.

Today, for instance, I wrote a little essay over at the Smirking Chimp where I agree with Karl Rove and Robert Novak, only to shoot them, gut them and field dress them after a quick feint of bi-partisanship.

When you hunt the most dangerous game of all, you have to get inside their heads.

And on Thursday, I put up my predictions for this week over at Unified Football Theory, putting my math-y grey matter to good use trying to figure out where point spread makers might have made a mistake or two (or eleven) this week.

I was right six out of nine times last week. You might find my prognostications profitable in a not difficult to imagine set of circumstances.

And you get to read my snarky prose as well. What a bargain!

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