Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything's up to date in Santiago!

This off the wires today.

SANTIAGO, Chile — Madonna is causing "crazy enthusiasm" and "impure thoughts" on her first concert visit to Chile, a prominent retired cardinal complained on Wednesday, as he paused in a tribute to a late dictator to denounce the pop star.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Jorge Medina criticized the flamboyant singer during his homily at a Mass in honor of the late dictator Augusto Pinochet, who oversaw the deaths of some 3,200 dissidents during his 1973-1990 rule.

"This woman comes here and in an incredibly shameless manner, she provokes a crazy enthusiasm, an enthusiasm of lust, lustful thoughts, impure thoughts," said Medina, the cardinal who was chosen to announce the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Where to begin?

First: a mass to CELEBRATE Pinochet?


Second: Madonna causing crazy enthusiasm? Provoking lustful thoughts?

Are we talking this century or last? During the reign of Pinochet or after?

While I should be the last person in the world to criticize people for odd sexual interests, my first thought as a heterosexual male looking at this recent picture of Madge.


Everyone has the right to their opinion about this, I suppose. I did like the line of Guy Ritchie, Madonna's estranged husband, who said that since her exercise mania, having sex with her was like "cuddling with a piece of gristle".

That's what I like about the Limeys. They are cruel, but fair. When they insult you, you know you've been insulted.


Lockwood said...

Second that "Ick."

I've been to Brazil and Argentina, though not Chile. But if what I saw in the former two was any indication, "lack of blindness" is more likely the source of the purported "enthusiasm of lust, lustful thoughts, impure thoughts."

No place should be allowed to have people that beautiful.

FranIAm said...

Mass in honor of Pinochet? Devil worship????

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lockwood. I haven't visited South America, but pictures I have seen of Brazilians and many I have met here in Northern California back up your claims that God put them on this earth to produce lustful thoughts in others.

Hey, Fran! What's it like being busy? Yeah, the Pinochet mass thing reminds me of what a dear ex-Jesuit friend of mine is fond of saying.

"We don't deserve to survive as a species."

Undersquid said...

Knowing how audiences behave in South America might explain that "crazy enthusiasm" I've often witnessed down there, offered freely as acknowledgment to performers of all venues. We clap and cheer and scream a lot during concerts, even classical music ones. That's just a fact, and it's silly of this cardinal to point it out as a bad thing.

I'm not gonna say anything about Madonna's looks, especially when she didn't utter this particularly set of stupidities. I don't like complaining about women's looks, especially when there's so much social pressure to appear a certain way. Bitching about the ubiquitous submission to that pressure would take too long.

Cardinal Medina? Nuts.

Pinochet Mass? Nutser.

Guy Ritchie kissing and telling? Jerk.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Guy Ritchie is now all right in my book.

Matty Boy said...

Hiya, Squid and Monkey. Thanks for checking in.

Undersquid, I take your point when you talk about the judgments women must endure about their looks nearly constantly in today's culture. I admit that I'm willing to slag Madonna in particular because

a) I've never liked her,

b) I've never liked her music and

c) she actually is cultivating this weird look.

I am less sensitive about this important point than I should be, probably because I'm so used to joining in the fun over at Princess Sparkle Pony, which is usually about slagging Condi Rice, though not always for her looks.

CDP said...

I really can't believe that there was a Mass to honor Pinochet.

dguzman said...

Like CDP and Fran, I'm just stuck on the Pinochet mass (murder). Wow. I suppose that, like the idiot 24-percenters who still like Bush, there are some idiots in Chile too.

Let's have a Bush mass too--in Iraq, where it would be equally appropriate.