Monday, December 22, 2008

He can't be the enemy. He doesn't even wear a tie.

Here's something I have in common with the novelist Jane Smiley: Last week, Joe Biden asked me for money, too.

Unlike Ms. Smiley, I didn't send the Obama campaign the legal limit, just more than I could afford, given my situation now. I worked for these people for free, and what did that get me? I mean, other than spam my gmail account doesn't recognize as spam?

Apparently, so far, not a heck of a lot.

I got an e-mail from the Obama campaign telling me I was invited to the inauguration, but upon closer reading, the e-mail said I was in line to win a lottery that would give me an invitation to the inauguration. Thanks, anyway, I can't make it. I don't have the money to fly across country and I can't afford to take the time off work.

Rick Warren, on the other hand, got a real invitation, and he can afford to re-schedule stuff to make time to show up. He also gets to stand on stage and speak to the crowd.

Rick Warren is one of those people who supposedly "disagrees without being disagreeable". You know, the folks who don't actually hate Obama when they call him a baby killer and compare abortion to the Holocaust. One of the folks who want to strip away rights legally granted to their fellow citizens, but don't actually hate those fellow citizens, because Warren gives them donuts and water when they show up to protest.

He's not really just a younger, slicker version of Jerry Falwell. Look! He doesn't even wear a tie. How can you call someone an agent of intolerance when he doesn't even wear a tie?

Rick Warren is against homosexuality for the same reasons he's against pedophilia and polygamy and incest.

Okay, Rick, define pedophilia. There is no age of consent in the Bible. There are rites of passage into manhood that are given to boys of twelve and thirteen. Some religious people like Jerry Falwell, the miserable dead bastard you physically resemble, are very happy to say anything bad that happens to us as a people or a nation is because we've rejected God. Maybe God is annoyed because we have decided adulthood should start at sixteen or eighteen or twenty one.

After all, who died and made us God?

No need to define incest, it's right there in the Bible. Lot and his daughters are not immediately punished by God for incest, though their descendants, the Moabites and Ammonites, are considered unclean for ten generations by the other Hebrews. Talk about blaming the victims and holding a grudge.

Sex with angels? God's on the case, and a couple of cities have gots to go.

Sex with your daughters? That's more of an administrative thing, and God can leave it to the rabbis.

Polygamy? Not a problem, not at all. King Solomon the polygamist is famed for his wisdom and gets a few books to tell his story in his own words.

So Rick Warren's ideas of equally bad sexual situations are just that: Rick Warren's ideas. Not God's, not the Bible's. Things Rick Warren thinks are icky because he's a guy who grew up in a society that defined those things as icky. I grew up in this society, too, and I think some of them are icky. I don't pretend my decisions are biblically based. In general, I reserve my judgments based on participants being consenting adults and if they produce offspring, taking care of those offspring.

But Rick Warren, the jackass best selling author, gets a real invitation to the inauguration. Matty Boy, the broke-ass West Coast mofo blogger who actually put his time and money into getting Barack Obama elected 44th President of the United States, he gets what broke-ass mofos always get.

Thanks a lot and better luck next time.

Well, Mr. President-elect, best of luck with the celebration. Right now, most of the things you are doing are ceremonial or preparation for the real job of governing. But please remember this. Those of us who helped to get you elected really do want to see a change from the practices of government we have seen for the last eight years.


no_slappz said...

matty boy, with respect to the Bible, it appears you have blurred the lines between the Old Testament and the New. But, what the heck. Blur away.

As for Abortion vs the Holocaust, well, I think you know Abortion in the US kills about 1.3 million future citizens every year. That works out to about 45 million murders since 1973. Looks like Abortion is in the lead, and of course that lead will only increase.

Age of consent? Pedophilia? Exactly what are you seeking

Rite of passage into manhood. Sure, at 13 for Jewish males. But the lad still has at least three years to go before any state will grant him a driver's license or a pilot's license. It's 18 for the right to vote and to join the military. In NY, you must be 18 to buy cigarettes.

Meanwhile, no Jewish father hands control of the family business to his 13-year-old son the day after his Bar Mitzvah. There's a lot of maturing necessary before that day comes.

Rick Warren seems to have gotten under the skin of many Democrats. It's great to see that Liberal tradtion of Tolerance at work. It's time to appoint someone to replace Billy Graham. It appears Warren is the man Obama has chosen to fill that unofficial cabinet position. Warren's presence says a lot of Obama, who is perceived as a muslim by hundreds of millions of muslims living in muslim countries. Due to his muslim roots and the patriarchal nature of the islamic connection, he is seen as one of them. Wonderful. Obama is a chameleon on many levels.

As I have said, Obama supporters will realize they were betrayed by him. I thought it would take longer. But the sense of having been had is already setting in.

Worse, emotionally, for Obama supporters is the reality that if he is able to enact the environmental legislation he promised, EVERYONE will feel more pain on top of the existing pain.

A couple of days ago I paid $1.63 for a gallon of gas in Massachusetts. In NY City gas in my neighborhood is $1.80 a gallon.

Will car-buyers -- if there are any -- pay a premium to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle when gas is selling for prices not seen in four years?

The answer: Only if Obama is able to enact legislation that tortures people who buy the least expensive new cars -- which are all gasoline-powered.

War: for Obama, it's becoming increasingly clear that war is the answer. Despite the howl Iraq from his supporters, he's going to send more troops to Afghanistan, which, in fact, means he will be sending troops into Pakistan, a nation that is a shaky ally.

However, following the Pakistani muslim terrorist attack in Mumbai, India may step in.

That aside, Obama will send more troops to Afghanistan, where democracy is in retreat. Much of the country is as lawless as ever. Does Obama have a plan? A goal? Does he believe Afghanistan can become a fully functioning democracy if our military combats the Taliban and al-Qaeda? Or is it his priority have our military kill as many members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda as possible to make the world a safer place?

With things as they are today, I believe Obama faces the risk of being the new Jimmy Carter, who squeaked into office with the help of church support. His fellow Southern Baptists, among others. Carter gave his hapless believers terms like "Windfall Profits Tax", a term that re-emerged a few months ago when oil was over $100 a barrel. He gave us the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, which started the country on the slippery slope of bad mortgage lending that peaked in the last couple of years.

He did virtually nothing when Iran seized 66 US hostages and kept them for 444 days.

I have a bad feeling that Obama is going to combine the worst of Jimmy Carter and FDR, resulting in some rather unpleasant and unintended consequences.

namastenancy said...

I see one of the right-wingers is back with his version of the Carter Presidency. Try looking here for a more nuanced view of his actions during that difficult period:

As far as Obama's choice of Warren for a 10 minute (?) invocation at the inaguration, well, one prayer does not an administration make. When Obama said that he wanted to reunite this country, I believed him. That often means reaching out to those with whom you have a lot of differences. I realize that gays are disappointed but maybe we should wait and see what this really means in the long run. I think that Obama wants to shift more to the country toward the center, instead of the extreme right and left shifts that we have now. If he can do that - and put a stop to some of the polarizing hatred - he will have accomplished a lot. He hasn't taken office yet and Bush is leaving a daily doo-doo for him to clean up. We have a tough two years in front of us (if Krugman is right). So, there's a huge mess to clean up. Let's give the guy a chance to get started before we all decide that he's no good.

Matty Boy said...

I never thought Obama was the Marxist/Leninist that he is/was portrayed as being by some right-wing idiots. I think he took the phrase "change you can believe in" as his motto because "return to normalcy" was already taken.

I still want him to do well, and if a kinder, gentler tone means the Republicans won't try to filibuster anything and everything proposed, that would be a blessing. But right now, it looks like the people who won the last two elections in convincing fashion are the ones who have to make the concessions, while the losers get their way by holding their breath until their faces turn blue.

rptrcub said...

Well, I'll watch the swearing in and the speech, then I'll turn off the TV. I had planned to go to a party and take the day off. Whatever. I'll watch history and I'll probably pull the lever for him again in '12 but I'm over it. I never was a fervent supporter but voted for him in the primaries and the general elex b/c I thought he was the better choice. Meh.

CDP said...

Great post, Matty. I'm really disappointed about this, and your last sentence says exactly what I've been thinking. The Democrats won, and decisively. I don't see any need to take the "eff you" approach that the Republicans took from 2001 on, but why do we keep trying to appease them? I'm reserving judgement for now.

Matty Boy said...

I keep reminding myself that this is pomp and not policy. I still have two hopes for this administration. I want to see solutions as soon as possible for the troubles we have sunk into, too many of them the caused by the dying administration, and I want to see criminals charged with crimes and convicted.

JollyRoger said...

no_brainz certainly makes a ompelling argument. Well, not really; I've seen those idiotic talking points regurgitated for years. What no_brainz DOES do, however, is make an excellent point about the dangers if inbreeding. And much like the descendants of Lot and his daughters, the knuckle-draggers are headed into a long era as an untouchable caste.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The Rick Warren story was interesting for maybe half a news cycle, but it's played out now.
We won, they lost.
That's all we have to remember to feel better.

Matty Boy said...

I am serious about the "Do not feed the troll" commandment. I have removed an intelligent comment from my beloved sister, and a less intelligent reply from the troll.

The Matty Boy rule is this. The troll gets one comment. People should not reply to the comment. This is not a place where the troll is welcome to start conversations. Let him go back to his own blog that nearly no one reads. Any of my readers who wish to engage him in debate are more than welcome there, though I can't recommend the experience.

I could write more, but that would violate the rule.

Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Karlacita! said...

I will sing a little song!

Mauigirl said...

Well said. "Rick warren's ideas of equally bad sexual situations are just that: Rick Warren's ideas."

I agree completely with your last statement - I can let the Rick Warren thing go if he actually makes the changes he said he would.

Zoey and Me said...

I claim D.C. as my "hometown" and even though I got the same lotto letter you did, I wasn't planning on a trip home even to see O man get the nod. D.C. police have already said they don't have enough warm bodies for crowd control and heck, people are renting out their houses for a $1000 a night and heading to Florida where I am. What a deal. I did read where Obama may consider legalizing pot. Booze turned around the last great depression, and even Obama said with 80,000 folks going to jail each year for a drug as harmful as alcohol, we have lost the war on drugs. With that in mind, maybe, just maybe, some good things are on the horizon. Great post Matty.

Distributorcap said...

matty you wrote somewhere about having a president that angers and depressing you versus one that disgusts you - like the current one.

i am willing to wait and see past Jan 21.....

Matty Boy said...

I agree, D-cap. We do need to step back from the hatred, and Warren is at least putting forward a charm offensive now that people have been howling about him. I think I've got a post about this burbling up that I may have ready to write about some time this week.