Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Management regrets the error.

On Princess Sparkle Pony's blog today, there is a post about disgraced Illinois governor (Is there any other kind?) Rod Blagojevich. The Princess, staying true to focus and intent of her blog, focused on the completely superficial, the governor's truly magnificent head of hair.

In the spirit of the blog, I wrote this comment.

As for the wonderful hair, who could not be in love with it? It's so Bobby Goldsboro or Pavel Chekhov.

Oh, bitter regret!

Though I possess a memory that has made me a nice chunk of cash of TV game shows, this does not mean that my memory is a flawless storage vault of information.

Here are pictures of Bobby Goldsboro and Pavel Chekov, a.k.a. Walter Koenig. Both heads of hair have helmet like properties, but they lack the volume, the sheen, the ooomph! Comparing these men's coiffures to the governor was an insult, and management deeply regrets the error.

Had I instead written "It's so Michael Landon or John Davidson!", the comparison would have been much more accurate.


Splotchy said...

I think you really need to open this up to your readers.

How about 70's-era Frankie Valli?

CDP said...

Isn't John Edwards universally recognized as the gold standard in hair among male politicians?

Matty Boy said...

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, was given the nickname Rick "Good Hair" Perry by the late, great Molly Ivins, so he must be at least the silver standard.

Padre Mickey said...

May I point out the fact that, if we had simply paid attention to that hair, there is NO WAY IN EFFIN' HELL that we would not have suspected him of corruption?

And, no, I'm not a bitter, balding man. I am a cruel, balding man.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

FranIAm said...

John Edwards' hair just says "lust for pussy."

Blago's hair says "lust for power."

Splotchy said...

Blago's hair says "lust for power."

I think it says "lust for height".

dguzman said...

"Lust for volume"

Well--now that I look at Bobby and Chekov, I see your point. But I never would've questioned the comparison. Your rep is still golden with me, Matty Boy.

Undersquid said...

I would have added David Hasselhoff during the '80s, on account that he needed a robot car just to transport his tresses from place to place. I will never admit I used to have a tremendous crush on him back then.

And I can't help but think of Wolverine and that Munsters kid, but that's just weird.