Monday, December 1, 2008

Notoriety, intentional and otherwise

If you Google "giant women" and go to the image search, guess what blog is at the top of the list?

Good guess.

I don't know how a good an idea it is to be the public face on the Internets of this odd fetish shared by a surprising number of people, but it's a little late to think of that now, isn't it? Once the Google makes your blog the "go to" place, it probably won't help to join a monastery and renounce your formerly sinful and frivolous life.

And anyway, a monastery that won't let me blog isn't being serious about keeping me around.

(This is another photograph by Julia Fullerton-Batten, taken at a theme park of miniature street scenes in Belgium.)

Then there is the Google love that I made nearly no effort to get, but that I've got whether I want it or not.

This blog gives you the most popular image if you Google "analog clock". Until today, I have mentioned "analog clock" one time in twenty months of blogging, way back when I wrote Volume 5 of Wednesday Math, many moons ago.

Still not a week goes by when someone doesn't show up here looking for "analog clock" and many visitors out-click on the picture, presumably to save a copy.

It's a nice enough clock face, I suppose, but I don't see the particular attraction.

I guess it takes all kinds of weirdos to make a world.


pissed off patricia said...

I won't worry until I believe I understand all this stuff. If that should happen, I'll know I need professional help. ;)

CDP said...

It's a very nice clock face. And congratulations on being #1!

dguzman said...

I knew you were #1, Matty Boy! You're the tops.

Undersquid said...

If there was clock-face porn, that clock would sell the most videos, with that suggestive red swollen tip on the hour arm, and the needy, unsatisfied blue minute arm.

No wonder it's the first one.

I'm adding Belgium to my list of places to visit.

Ed said...

I just did a Gargle search for images of both giant women and analog clock and, sure enough, you're #1 on both of them. Congratulations! (I think.)

WV = forkine. "Further study is needed to determine whether or not there are any health risks associated with prenatal injections of Forkine Growth Hormone."

Anne said...
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