Friday, December 12, 2008

Random 10, 12/12

Old Man on the Farm Randy Newman
The Big Country Talking Heads
Forever Blue Chris Isaak
Lonely House Teresa Stratas
You Live Only Twice Nancy Sinatra
In Your Mind Johnny Cash
Blue Jean David Bowie
All in the Game The Four Tops
Past Three O'Clock The Chieftains
Subterraneans Philip Glass

The random deejay on my iTunes got his say today, if a little late in the game, and the emPHAsis is on ranDOM! If there is someone else in this world who can give you the triple play combination of Teresa Stratas to Nancy Sinatra to Johnny Cash, let them stand up and prove it!

The three missing songs on The You Tubes are arguably the most high brow. Subterraneans actually gives a double play to both David Bowie, reprensented with Blue Jean, and Brian Eno, producer of Talking Heads seminal album, More Songs about Buildings and Food, which includes The Big Country, a song about both buildings and food.

Both Chris Issak and The Four Tops give good live performances of their songs, David Bowie shows his acting chops, Nancy Sinatra sings over a James Bond intro, which means silhouettes of nekkid girls, but if I were pressed for time and could only click on one link to a YouTube song here, I would pick Randy Newman.

The video is a black screen. The audio is Randy singing and playing piano. This may be the simplest song you will hear in a month, maybe a year. Listen to it. He's a great lyricist and a powerful tunesmith. His voice isn't strong, but it does what it has to, especially here.


Goodnight, ladies,
Sorry if I stayed too long,
So long, it's been good to know ya,
I love the way I sing that song.

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Undersquid said...

So Talking Heads has a song about The Big Country, but Big Country doesn't have a song about talking heads. Too bad. They do have a song about a two-headed king, but I don't think that counts.