Friday, December 26, 2008

Random 10, 12/26

Suite for Orchestra #2 in B Minor, Badinerie (J.S. Bach) New Bach Collegium Musicum
Nostalgia The Buzzcocks
Imagination is a Powerful Deceiver Elvis Costello
Love is Here and Now You're Gone Diana Ross & the Supremes
In the Jailhouse Now Tim Blake Nelson
Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) Jimi Hendrix Experience
Deadbeat Club The B-52's
Walk the Dinosaur Was (Not Was)
Family Snapshot Peter Gabriel
It Never Was You Teresa Stratas

Truth in advertising alert! No Bollywood songs on the list. (The picture is from Om Shanti Om from 2007. If you want a nice Indian film, avoid Slumdog Millionaire and rent Om Shanti Om.)

A nice solid eight of ten songs on the list can be found on the You Tubes.

The Bach that leads off and the Kurt Weill tune that finishes the list keep it from being the standard 1960s vs. 1980s list that shows up so often on my random iTunes selections. To be fair, there's also Tim Blake Nelson from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. He was the only one of the lead actors who was actually singing the song where he is shown to be the lead singer, not counting blues musician Chris Thomas King as Tommy. Tim Blake Nelson deserved the best supporting actor nod that year, but he wasn't even nominated. Theft!

The best known tune on the list is Diana Ross and the Supremes singing yet another fantastic pop song from Holland/Dozier/Holland. Someone posited that romantic comedies are the ruin of many relationships, what with the unreasonable expectations they create, but for me, this lets pop songs off the hook too easily. No one wrote catchy, danceable three minute long slices of human sadness like Holland/Dozier/Holland, and some of their best became huge hits for the Supremes. As Miss Ross speaks in this one:

You closed the door to your heart and turned the key,
Locked your love away from me. (Uh!)

It's easy to mock, but these songs deserved to be hits. It's the hidden costs people seem unwilling to explore.


namastenancy said...

Nice list! If you want a You Tube version of "It Never Was You," try Tiri Te Kanawa's up here:

Matty Boy said...

There was another version of "It Never Was You" up on the YouTubes, Nancy, and I liked both of them better than Stratas because the diction of the singers was better. There's also a woman doing a version of "Imagination is a Powerful Deceiver", but it's not Elvis so it doesn't count.

I'm weird about the rules sometimes.

CDP said...

I agree with you on Mr. Nelson! That was a great performance.