Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Restoring honor and dignity, Bush style

The Los Angeles Times has released actual current White House talking points today, these about polishing his legacy. One of the things White House staffers were supposed to parrot was that Bush "restored honor and dignity" to the White House.

This was created by somebody else, but it definitely reminds us of Bush's dignity.

Here's dignity as it is understood by men even more emotionally stunted than Matty Boy himself.

Here's a facial expression that just screams DIGNITY!

And then there's the dignity of a family get together, except it isn't your family, and really doesn't want to be your family.

As for restoring honor, he failed at that too, but in ways that aren't even a little bit funny.


Anonymous said...

Bush thinks he can make up laws and definitions of words.

CDP said...

Holy cow; I'd only seen video of the Angela Merkl thing; the still photograph really captures her "what the hell is he doing to me?" reaction so much better.

dguzman said...

How can ANYONE believe this guy did anything except preside over the wrecking of this country?