Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A smart president. Won't that be nice?

I was going to write about George W. Bush's latest interview with Charlie Gibson, the one where Bush finally realizes some of the mistakes he's made and he feels bad about them. But honestly, it really doesn't matter what he thinks or doesn't think anymore, and it has only mattered a little for quite some time now. Bush is now a pathetic figure, and not pathetic as in ridiculous or worthless, but as in evoking pity.

He really doesn't deserve our pity, and let's not spend any time or emotional effort on him now. We have a new president elect now, and soon enough he will be the new president. I don't believe the last eight years will magically be forgotten, or the policies that have caused so many of the world's problems can be magically erased as soon as Barack Hussein Obama puts his hand on the Koran... excuse me, Bible, and is sworn in as the 44th president.

A lot of people are very proud that we will have a black president for the first time in our history, and I can understand that. But personally, I'm even prouder that we will have a smart president again, and not for the first time in our history.

I was listening to Obama recently, and he was talking about how the computer has been the true engine of economic growth over the past twenty to thirty years. BINGO! He got it right on the first try. Good work.

It doesn't seem that hard to see, but a lot of people might get that wrong because of how many booms and busts there have been in high tech. For the most part, those ups and downs have been about overestimating or underestimating of how quickly some new technology would be embraced by the public, or an overhyping of a technology that didn't pan out or was thrown over quickly because something cooler came in hot on its heels. The overall trend has been the public can't get enough cool gadgets, and computer technology is the guts of nearly every cool gadget.

Seeing the big picture. That was really hard for George W. Bush and he got it wrong nearly as often as he got it right. It's clear that it's not as hard for Barack Obama, because God gave him a better brain than God gave Bush, and Obama has put in the hard work to put that brain to better use.

It will make for a nice change of pace.

Yay, Flags of Many Lands™! Yay, Tajikistan!

There was a time when I thought I would never have visitors from the majority of the countries whose names end in -stan. As it stands today, I need Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan to get the All Seven Stans merit badge.

My new Tajiki friend was looking for information about the Golden ratio. Happy to help, buddy!


dguzman said...

But do you have Somethin'-stan?

I am in complete agreement with you on the thrill of FINALLY having a smart person at the helm. David Brooks can whine all he wants about having an "A-student" administration--like that's a bad thing!? I will always put my money on the smart guy. Gore would never have been stupid enough to wreck the country like Chimpy did. Obama's got plenty of work to do--but at least he's got the brains to take a crack at it.

namastenancy said...

I heard Obama at the press conference yesterday derail the press' attempt to start a snark war about the insults Obama and Clinton exchanged during the campaign. He acknowledged their little attempt at "having fun" with good humor but pressed on with the business at hand. RE: Brooks. I snapped my TV off when he started snarking about Obama's cabinet. I have no tolerance for a man who thought Palin was Da Bomb.
RE: Bush. Sorry, no pity here. He's caused too much damage, too many deaths, so much suffering, so much evil. He and Cheney should have been impeached. I understand why the Democrats didn't take that task on - they weren't strong enough and it would have possibly compromised the election by marshaling even more right wing opinion but the b&*)_+d deserves a jail term, at the very least. I won't raise your blog quotient for profanity by saying what I think he really deserves...but I'm thinking it. Very loudly!

Sherry Peyton said...

Truthfully, Bushie doesn't think he made any real mistakes at all. The only thing that pisses him off is that by the time the great political science community of scholars finally determines he was one of the best we ever had, daddy Bushie will be long dead and junior won't be able to finally say, "I told ya so, pops. I am somebody!" Yeah, its great to have a brain in the white house again, but heck I don't know what is going to happen to my blogging. Nothing to rail about? sigh

puravida said...

Yeah, Obama's smart. Real smart. But why's his hand as big as his head?

FranIAm said...

This is a great post and I agree with you completely.

About Obama and his grasp of technology and its impact - that says so much to me. A man who can see what was, what it became and what it can be.

As opposed to someone focused on what was and his own desire about what should be.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I think historians will remind us for a lifetime of these 8 years and how our government was controlled by a bunch of morons. I'm praying the one campaign promise that got my vote was getting out of Iraq. It can't come soon enough for me. I read somewhere an attorney blogger said Bush can pardon everyone whoever served in his administration and by doing so, pardons himself. If it's legal, it's on the way. These crooks will never serve one day in the slammer.

no_slappz said...

A number of presidents qualify as "smart." Jimmy Carter, for example. Did his purported intelligence benefit the nation in the slightest?


On the other hand, Reagan, who was ranked lower on the IQ scale than Carter, is considered an above-average president.

Hoover was another president believed to possess a superior mind. Oh well.

It's already looking as though Obama, with the aid of his high IQ, will support electric cars -- the next generation of Edsels.

It's unfortunate that people think all technologies can advance at the pace of computer technology.

These days it's believed that electric-vehicle batteries holding more energy than a full tank of gas are almost in reach. Similar thoughts about solar cells are filling people's heads too. But decades will pass before either technology can challenge fossil fuels.

A lot of people now have hopes and expectations that miracles are about to occur. It seems people think Obama and his intelligence will convert these hopes and expectations into reality.

However, when the physics and chemistry of these alternative energy sources fail to yield to the intellectual power commanded by the president, disillusionment will set in. Within the next four years, no miracles will occur, and Obama supporters will learn that he's as limited as any president has ever been.