Thursday, December 4, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.

Yay, Flags of many lands™! Yay, Mali!

As we can see, the Mali flag uses green, yellow and red stripes in its color scheme, which is common among African nations. Always happy to display a new flag.

Why would someone from Mali visit my humble corner of the Internets? This person was looking for pictures of Indira Varma.

Excellent choice, person from Mali!

This isn't the most glamorous shot of Indira Varma I have ever featured on my blog, (that honor would go to either this shot or this one), but it is a low point of view shot, known to My People as a POV, which kind of makes her look like a partially vexed giantess. In this scenario, she is ready to forgive the tiny offending man if he is sufficiently supplicant and crush him like the bug that he is if not abject enough with his apology, which of course, is another of my favorite things.

Yay for lucky days!


dguzman said...

Mmmmm, Indira. You can look down upon me anytime you like!

Matty Boy said...

Mmmmmmm, indeed. The actual Ms. Varma is not gigantic, but in my brain, she is.

Undersquid said...

What I find amusing is that when I conduct an image search of the term "Undersquid", Ms. Varma is the fifteenth result. Hahah!

Matty Boy said...

Google seems to think we are connected at the hip, Undersquid, so many of the images are actually from my blog.

I have a blog buddy named FranIAm who gets blog hits from people who Google "giantess", though her only vague connection with the topic is knowing me in an Internets and not personal way.

Go figure.