Saturday, December 6, 2008

To my gentle readers

I currently have a troll. These things happen. I needn't name my troll, because several of my readers have had this troll visit their blogs as well.

This troll is able to use spell check and has no problem with English grammar, but appears to lack a central nervous system. Any errors this troll makes are immediately forgotten by him.

I am assuming we are dealing with a male instead of a female. I recognize how my gender acts, though it pains me to say so.

The troll shows up here and at other blogs I frequent for the simplest of reasons. He does not want to die alone and unloved. Who can blame him? He wants someone to read what he writes and recognize his worth. I feel for him. After all, I get more readers in any random week in the last six months than he has had come to his blog in a year's worth of posts. This reaches Eleanor Rigby/Father Mackenzie levels of sad.

I sometimes think I should feel more compassion for my troll, then I remember that my troll is a creep, and worse than that, a proud member of the financial services industry. People in his industry should realize that they now are more despised than whores with leprosy, but as I said before, he seems to have some deficiency in the whole central nervous system department.

I'm sure he will post another comment eventually. Here is what I'd like to hear when he does.


Thank you for your kind attention.


Karen Zipdrive said...

It must be pretty pathetic to have nothing better to do than barge in where they are not welcome and say things that are not appropriate.
I guess some people are so starved for attention that any kind of attention will do, even negative attention.
Pathetic, but there are therapists out there who can help.

namastenancy said...

I think that your troll ate my last two comments. Maybe he's hungry for more attention? I think that I know the one you refer to. You are nicer than I am because you give him (?) a forum.

dguzman said...

Sorry 'bout the trollery. Is it our old friend, or someone new?

Matty Boy said...

It's our old friend, who lost a bet to me and was forced to let me puts posts on his blog for a while. I put two posts up and then left.

Undersquid said...

I'm so cool I had to look up some of your entries to recall who it was I'm supposed to be ignoring. :)

If I had my own lols about that it would go something like, "Ignoreen trollz. Ur doin it rite."