Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your mileage may vary.

We love The Google, don't we? Most of my blog buddies are using The Google's blog software, we Google stuff all the time, we gladly use The Google Maps.

So when I kid, it's all in fun, right?

I look up City College of San Francisco. It's out by Balboa Park, far from downtown but very close to a BART station called... Balboa Park! Great for the car-free Matty Boy! Yay!

So I ask for directions from the BART station to the college. 4.1 miles.

That can't be right. The whole city of San Francisco fits in a 7 mile by 7 mile square. But then I look at the car directions.

Leave the BART station, get on the 280 freeway, drive about a mile and a half out of your way, turn around and get on the same freeway heading back, get off at the exit where you entered, drive to the college. 4.1 miles.

Okay, how about walking? 0.4 miles. Nobody walking is going to be idiot enough to get on the freeway when the whole thing is about a six minute walk, tops.

Anybody else experience such a goofy glitch on The Google? This is the first time I've seen it go so bad, which I why I mention it.

I kid. I kid because I love. Don't turn off my e-mail account, please.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I live in the city. Four miles from downtown. I had to go to a Christmas party that was so deep in the 'burbs, my navigation didn't list it.
Never again.

Anonymous said...

Google is over there in the corner crying its eyes out, you monster.

Undersquid said...

The only glitch I ever experienced was when looking at my home town and the layout of the street names was off by a street, which made using satellite view to find that old rooftop where I used to sunbathe a little insulting. Yeah, I took it personal, man. ;(

Get it together, Google Maps.

On the other hand, satellite views are such a hot way to calculate various mega heights for myself, and see what the little ground would actually look like: Cracker-thin cement layers of city, mountain bumps, ankle-high clouds and whatnot.

I forgive you, Google Maps.

namastenancy said...

We loves us our Google maps but it has some growing up to do. City College is about 3-4 blocks from the Balboa St. BART Station - about a 10 minute walk for some us oldsters.

Matt said...

Just for fun but in New York City to Paris, France in the driving direction then scroll down about halfway. This is old so you may already know the punch line but it's still worth a laugh.



Jane R said...

Google maps told me my current address didn't exist. So did Yahoo!maps, though. I live on what used to be a private road but is now a proper named road. The city knows it's there, the garbage collectors know it's there, the post office knows it's there, and the UPS people know it's there, except for one delivery person who claimed I didn't exist. That driver must have read Google maps.

Give me a good old-fashioned paper map.

Signed: Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout