Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Helpin' a padre GIT PAID!

For those of you who need an introduction, these are Gallito Mescalito, Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love, stars of a regular Friday Night program over at Padre Mickey's Dance Party, run but said Padre Mickey his own bad self, ably assisted by his bride, The Lovely Mona. Mickey and Mona live in Panama, where the cost of living is very nice, but the padre is about to go on a sabbatical to Los Estados Unidos, where things are damned expensive. He gets paid like he's a preist or something, which means even adjunct professors such as myself get to look at the Padre and say "Day-am, son! You broke!"

So what can a padre do? A padre can SELL OUT, not unlike one of his favorite rock and roll combos, The Who. The Padre now has a little nook of Cafe Press all cordoned off and is selling the likenesses of his Friday night SUPERSTARS on mugs, t-shirts and all those things we naturally put pictures on. Be the first kid on your block to have a Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love baseball jersey! (Unless you live on my block, where you will be the second kid on your block with this fabulous item.) All proceeds donated to a worthy cause, the cause of Padre Mickey GITTIN' PAID, 'cause day-am! He's broke!

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Padre Mickey said...

Thank you, Matty Boy. Now we won't have to sleep on the floor of your studio apartment.

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