Saturday, January 31, 2009

Historic is good, historic is nice...

As we all know, Barack Hussein Obama is the first United States president of African ancestry. That's a pretty big jump for us, because until Obama, we hadn't even elected a president whose ancestry was from anywhere but a small swath of Northeastern Europe. British, Irish, German, Dutch... that was about it. No Hispanics, no Italians, no French, and forget Eastern European or Jewish or Asian. So, nice going, Mr. President.

Of course, he gets the job when the last guy hands him two unfinished wars, a nasty recession, Guantanamo and a still toxic political climate in Washington, D.C. Historic is good, historic is nice, but timing. Timing is also good.

This handsome woman is Johanna Sigurdadottir, the new prime minister of Iceland and the first openly gay leader of a nation in history. Talk about breaking down barriers, now that's a barrier. This might just get some of our senators and governors to think about being honest about their sexuality.

Okay, that was a joke. Most of them are Republicans, and that's just not gonna happen.

But like with Obama, you have to wonder if Ms. Sigurdadottir really wants the gig right this minute, given that the only country in the world whose economy is obviously and clearly worse than Iceland's is Zimbabwe.

As I said before, historic is good, historic is nice...


namastenancy said...

As one with Norse ancestry (see a country, invade a country, wear horned helmets, drink beer, repeat), I'm glad to see that Iceland leads the way to a more balanced world. Of course, they've got to balance their books, just like we do but this is great news.

Matty Boy said...

Icelanders are amazingly patient. They were independent and had their own parliament since the 900s, but when the Danes invaded in around the Napoleonic era, they asked nicely for independence for decades, gaining small steps until the Danes agreed to leave after World War II was over.

Until the massive collapse, Iceland was a regular world leader in quality of life statistics, like longevity (high) and infant mortality (low). I hope they don't get so broke they can't keep running a country that sounds pretty livable from an outsider's view.