Friday, January 16, 2009

Interesting graphic representation

This is a two page spread from the current issue of The Atlantic Monthly cataloging the progress, or lack of same, of lots of haphazardly chosen stuff from 2000 to today, though some of the "current" stats are from 2007 or 2006. Some things showed improvement. For instance, there are less wars now than in 2000, but they don't give any idea of how many people died in those wars in the respective years. CEOs are being paid less now, though I don't know if bonus pay is factored in. Apple has had a good century so far. GM, not so much.

It's definitely worth a click on the picture to get the bigger, more readable view. Let me know what stands out to you in the comments.


Karen Zipdrive said...

It pleases me that murder by gunshot has gone down and that fewer people think being queer is morally unacceptable.
But damn, the prices on a gram of meth have really spiked, so now I must abandon my plans of cleaning my house with a bottle of 409 and a Q-Tip.

Matty Boy said...

Yeah, kz, I was surprised at how relatively affordable coke has remained while meth has spiked so noticeably. If I decide to become a drug addict, it helps to know the relative costs.

Crime stats have been going down pretty steadily for years, but watching The Wire makes me wonder if the numbers are clean.

Yay for more tolerance! It was be a grand day when the number gets over 50%. Makes it easier to win elections.

namastenancy said...

Now, what I find interesting is what YOU notice! I was looking at the price of everyday things - corn up from 1.86 to 4.81, electricity up from 47.47 to 65.69, and military spending - defense spending doubled. Hate groups almost up a third. Designated terrorist groups doubled. More hours spent playing video games and watching TV (why? why?) A better world. Not really but then, maybe I'm old and cynical.

Lisa said...

I think it's just swell that so many more school kids are getting comfortable with the surveillance nation by being trotted through the NSA museum. Figures. You can't go near a school now without seeing signs telling you that the place is under video surveillance.

sfmike said...

The cute little icons really are darling and as a piece of graphic representation of a bunch of facts and figures, it's quite well done. The numbers that jumped at me, however, were economic, particularly the "Manufacturing-employment growth (previous 8 years): 200: 2.9%; 2008: -22.9%. The other standouts were "Hedge-fund assets under management" which had more than tripled in seven years, not to mention defense spending which has doubled in eight years.

Just confirms that the country's wealth has been robbed blind by a combination of defense contractors/warmongers and financial industry gangsters, which has always been true to some extent, but in the last eight years it's been blindingly obvious.

Matty Boy said...

I have to admit I was trying to find any ray of light in what is a bleak picture. Karen Zipdrive started with a tongue in cheek approach which I continued in my response, but the last three comments are much more in line with the actual numbers. As sfmike points out, defense spending is up 76%, but the number of active duty personnel has shrunk by about 3.2%. The money in federal contracts has more than doubled. We are a country being protected by mercenaries, which almost never turns out well.

Again, this is just a weird amalgam of not completely related statistics, but in general, it does not paint a pretty picture.