Friday, January 30, 2009

Naughty Monkey Double Dare

No, this is not me taunting my blog buddies Dr. Monkey and Dr. Zaius. This is a post about serious politics.

If by serious politics, we mean really ugly women's shoes.

The Baltimore Sun reports that someone claiming to be Sarah Palin's niece is putting Palin memorabilia up on eBay and getting paid big time.

A pair of red Naughty Monkey Double Dare pumps, which the seller claims were the ones worn by Gov. Palin the day she was introduced in Dayton, Ohio, sold at auction for $2,025. Why didn't the press let us know about this important detail and pound it into the ground? Well, it was the first day she was introduced, so they can be forgiven for not being as obsessed with trivialities as usual, since people wanted the important information, like exactly where she finished in the Miss Alaska beauty contest and what her talent was.

This picture is from the introduction in Dayton, though the Sun isn't sure the shoes sold at auction are these shoes. As you might guess by the name Naughty Monkey Double Dare, these are not top of the line, haute couture footwear. They sell for less than $100 in many stores near you.

Let me say again: really ugly shoes.

On the plus side: They do show off a very nice pedicure.

Let's think about this for a minute. There's that tired old saying "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Well, that cliche actually had some meaning for Gov. Palin that Friday in Dayton. In the space of a few minutes, she would go from being this famous to being THAT FAMOUS, and on this special day, wanting to put her best foot forward, she goes to her closet and decides to wear these shoes.

You can just hear a couple Republican operatives in the first row looking at her at the podium and talking to each other.

"Man, she's hot, but we gotta get someone on board to stop her from dressing herself funny. What do you think we need to spend, one hundred thousand?"

"Mmmmmm... make it a hundred fifty. And get somebody who knows how to apply make-up. Ask Cindy if she knows somebody."


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Speaking as one with a bit of a 'thing' for female feet and shoes, I totally dig those shoes. And the feet as well, but not the person they are attached to.

Undersquid said...

I second that emotion. I don't think those shoes are ugly, but then again I do have a shoe thing. Naughty Monkey makes some nice shoes, even if they are not even middle-of-the-line expensive... and I have a couple of pairs of their sweet sandals to prove it.

It does drive me a bit nuts that someone would pay that kind of dough for anything infested with that woman's dead cells and bacteria.

But I'd wear those shoes. Not that exact pair (ick) but my own cheap pair bought at on sale for $30.00.

Matty Boy said...

Buckles on leather high heels are just too weird. I'mn not against a stylish strap at the back, but buckling over the toes sends the wrong message, in my never humble opinion.