Saturday, January 3, 2009

Padre Mickey gets all hypothetical and stuff!

What can't you live without? In my case, apparently, quite a lot that other Americans consider vital. Go take the test for yourself over at the Dance Party.

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Undersquid said...

I can live without plenty, and I have been living without many things for the past four years. I remember years back reading newspaper articles about people that thought not having cable TV was a hardship. What a joke.

I don't have cable TV, or a cell phone, or and ipod, or new shoes, or new clothes. I haven't had a dryer in years, and for a couple of weeks I didn't even have a refrigerator that worked.

I don't have a car, and the years I lived in South America I didn't have hot water, and cold showers still seem the normal way to get clean when the weather is warm. I really don't get why people think they need hot showers in the middle of summer.

I can live without a bidet, but I just don't want to. :) As a teenager I was homeless for a few days, so my first answer to the question is "a roof over my head".

Roofs are nice. Running water (at any temperature) and electricity are things I really need too. I have been without Internet, so I know I can live without it, but it's damn uncomfortable, as I use it for work and keeping in touch with distant relatives.

And food and clothes. I can't think of anything else I really need. I'd say a washer, but with laundromats everywhere, which I've used when I haven't had a washer, it's not something I think indispensable.