Friday, January 16, 2009

Random 10 (sort of), 1/16

Sensitive Artist King Missile
Almost Blue Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Two Sleepy People Fats Waller
Sinnerman Nina Simone
Jimmy Jazz The Clash
Overture/Going Through the Motions Sarah Michelle Gellar, with Dancing Demon Chorus
The Moment Matthew Hubbard
Hide Away Folk Family They Might Be Giants
Bulgarian Rhapsody Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
Pain In My Heart Otis Redding

The thing that makes this week's list only sort of random is that I chose the starting tune, in honor of a post earlier this week by my blog buddy CDP over at (parenthetical). She was talking about taking it down because she thought it was too snarky, but I promised if she kept it up, I would link to it with my Friday Random 10, and she did keep it up, which is great because it is HIGH-larious.

She's really good at this prose stuff.

Eight our of ten over on The YouTubes, which isn't bad given that one is a song by that Matthew Hubbard guy who is just too snooty to put his stuff on such a public forum. I think he might be one of those sensitive artist types. Some of the recordings are recorded too hot and get distorted, but still, eight out of ten. Good strong list, many musical styles. I know dguzman will be happy to see a song from the Buffy musical episode, as will many of my family members. I could have put on a bonus track as I sometimes do, but no one wants to go on stage after Otis Redding.

(Art by V. Van Gogh, caption technology by I Can Has Cheezburger, gag stolen from the late great cartoonist B. Kliban.)


CDP said...

Thank you Matty! And the lolz is also HIGH-larious!

Undersquid said...

I knew there was a reason I should have kept watching Buffy all those years ago! That was funny.

The Sensitive Artist lyrics are painfully true of some people, and worth listening not only because of the Guantanamera shift near the end.