Friday, January 9, 2009

Random 10+1, 1/9

Yakety Yak The Coasters
Just As I Thought William Bell
Fiction Romance The Buzzcocks (NSFW)
Feeling Good Nina Simone
I Want You Back Jackson 5
Secondary Modern Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Walk Right Back The Everly Brothers
Moondance Van Morrison
Simple Thought Joshua Macrae
Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles
The Body of an American The Pogues

Eleven from the iTunes and eight from the YouTubes, not bad odds. I would say my nephew Joshua would be the most obscure artist on the list, but he's up on The You Tubes as of late last month, while William Bell is not well represented. Bell is my favorite discovered artist from the Stax/Volt singles box set released sometime last decade.

The Elvis song was never a single, so no one has put it up on YouTube, though it comes from maybe my favorite of his early albums, Get Happy! The YouTubes are also scrubbed free of Van Morrison, although there are a jillion covers of his tunes, as it should be since he is a brilliant songwriter. The Pogues song is played on my favorite HBO show, The Wire, while the Nina Simone song is from the promo for HBO's Six Feet Under. Someone put a lot of sadomasochistic images with the Buzzcocks song, so viewer discretion is advised.

But if I were to feature one tune, I would pick that perfect pop song I Want You Back, still for my money the best song Michael Jackson ever recorded, followed closely by his love song for a rat, Ben.


Padre Mickey said...

Dude, I'm witcha on da I Want You Back.
Now that's some playin'!

Matty Boy said...

Amen, Padre. You can have your wall of sound. Give me a bunch of guys playing this hard. Every instrument is going full throttle and every instrument has a different hook. It's awesome, and little Michael ain't half bad, either.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your nephew's song very much.

Matty Boy said...

Thank you, Lisa. His album is available on the iTunes store.