Saturday, January 10, 2009

Respect for my babies today

No time for blogging, as Dr. Zaius' most famous quote goes. Today is the start of another orgy of professional football, and my mathy/sporty blog Unified Football Theory got all my bloggy attention today. There are four games this weekend, so there is a point spread and an under/over on each game for a total of eight proposition for wagering. I have an opinion on seven of the eight propositions, opinionated bastid that I am.

And my first baby is back up and running! The folks at Cal State East Bay fixed the server that houses Pascal's Triangle From Top to Bottom, my very, very mathy website about the binomial coefficients. I've definitely put in more hours on Lotsa 'Splainin', but I poured more blood and sweat into my first website, given how much research and Java programming was involved. I am still very proud of it and I hope it's up for good now.

Thanks to Richard Uhler at Cal State East Bay for getting this puppy back online.


Mathman6293 said...

How did I miss your Pascal site? Soon, I will be using it since Pascal Triangle and Binomial multiplication is in the 9th grade curriculum in GA.

Matty Boy said...

Pascal's Triangle is your friend, Mathman, and so am I. Call if you need help.