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Sunday, January 11, 2009

So what's up with this Legend of the Seeker show?

Good question, hypothetical!

On my local cable provider, the syndicated show Legend of the Seeker plays multiple times every weekend on at least three different channels. The multiple channel thing isn't that rare, as Stargate-SG1 and Farscape also play on several channels that rely on syndicated shows to fill in the many hours a week these channels have to broadcast. The difference is that I actually know something about those other two cheesy shows, and so far, Legend of the Seeker is the mystery cheese.

Foraging around on the Internets, I have found out that the show is a sword and sorcery epic, which on TV means bodices and broadswords. The bodice shown here belongs to the heroine, a good sorceress called a Confessor and the buff guy in the foreground is the hero, a mighty magical warrior called The Seeker. It's another show shot in New Zealand by the folks who brought us Hercules and Xena, so you have a rough idea of the production values, which is to say the production values are rough, but the scenery and people are pretty.

Flipping past this weekend's episode, there appear to be a powerful cadre of priestesses called the Mord'Sith (wherever do they get these clever and original names?) who dress all in tight leather and have these special pain sticks. I don't know exactly why I bring this up, though I thought it might be of interest to a couple of simians who sometimes stop by this humble blog.

If anyone has watched this thing and has an actual opinion, I would be glad to hear it.

Yay, Flag of Many Lands™! Yay, Liechtenstein!

This is only my second postage stamp sized European country that has sent a visitor, Monaco being the first. Why would someone from Liechtenstein come to this humble blog? It appears that this person is one of My People. Might I recommend to my new Central European friend a visit to neighboring Austria, which may or may not be a land run by giant women.

And, of course, let me close by saying Wilkommen!


Anonymous said...

These "clever and original names" come from the source material, Terry Goodkind's novel, Sword of Truth.

Matty Boy said...

Terry may have read the novelization of the original Star Wars book, where Vader is first called "a dark lord of the Sith". That's just a guess, though.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I can't bring myself to watch these cheesy syndicated shows anymore, especially not after the way Xena broke my heart.

canny visitor said...

mom saw it, but only by mistake. also, it made her sleepy.

Matty Boy said...

My main problem is making hot chicks dressed in leather the bad guys. Have they learned nothing from Xena? We want to root for hot chicks in leather!

At least some of us do.

Undersquid said...

I don't know anything about this show even though it's on Hulu, but that dress she's wearing is kicking. I would wear that dress.

Undersquid said...

Oh, and "Mord'Sith" not only makes me think of Sith Lords, but also of the land of Mordor. If I ever write a book with mystical bad guys in it, I'll name them... oh, I don't know. "Volde'Borg", or "Cy'Mort'Lon". It'll be so cool.

Anonymous said...

I accutaly like this show, not only because the guy is hot but because there is an impossible love story, and their ides are awesome

Jonathan Sharman said...

I think it's awesome. I admit it's a little cheesy, like Stargate Atlantis meets Highlander and that closing scene from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy that never ever ends.
But beyond that, I think most of the acting is awesome, the effects are totally unreal, the stories seem unique and epic, as are the landscapes, the set productions, the constumes, and props and well.... not so much the names for things, lol. But all in all, it gets a 9.99 from me so far. (I've seen the first season twice)

Jonathan Sharman said...

Oh yeah, and I love the quirky characters and the episodes get more exciting everytime you watch one. Like a riveting game of chess! ..... no seriously, but it's good.

Anonymous said...

Legend of the Seeker is pretty awesome. You can watch it from the beginning on Netflix streaming.
Oh, and for Matt Boy- here's a spoiler for you, you will get to root for a hot chick in leather a few episodes into season 2 (a Mord'Sith joins the Seeker's team). ;)

Matty Boy said...

Hi, Anonymous. I've soured on the second season, sadly. I was totally behind the first quest, but this season's plot line and the way they keep straying from it are making me nuts!

The hot chick factor, on the other hand, is nothing less than awesome.