Sunday, February 15, 2009

Borrowing Padre Mickey's bunny for a second

No, not the departed Bunrab, filthiest toy in the house, but the bunny who proclaims the Dance Party house rule "Sucky losers not allowed."

Here the happy bunny expresses a sentiment the whole world can agree with: Make the stupid people shut up.

As Charles Darwin turned 200 this week, evolution and natural selection have been much in the news. Many news organizations reported a Gallup poll as saying most Americans do not believe in evolution, but the actual numbers were 39% believe, 25% do not believe and 36% were not sure. Let us recall that Bush's popularity at the end was around 25%. It might be the exact same people.

Among the people in that lowest quartile was a commenter on a recent article about some believers suing the UC chancellors because a page on the university's website says that science and religion can be reconciled. The believers want no such reconciliation and think that sentiment is a sign of government establishing a religion. Here is what bayviewmom had to say.

School students have bred millions of generations of fruit flys over the years, and still not a single fruit fly has grown feathers. Where is the evolution?

How many dumb ideas can you cram into two sentences? Probably not as many as bayviewmom did. Leaving alone the misspelling of "flies", let's go over some of the other little mistakes.

1. Did we check all the fruit flies for feathers? No, we didn't, because these experiments weren't looking for that, except the ones being run by people as stupid as bayviewmom, and I'm not sure how many people that is. It could be as high as 25%, but I really hope it's below 5%.

2. For the sake of argument, if one of those unchecked fruit flies did grow a feather, would this new growth give this fly an advantage over his compatriots? Probably not, since as the name implies, fruit flies can already fly, even without feathers.

3. Let's say I pray fervently for years for a thing that I never get. Let's say the thing I pray for is close to impossible, like world peace or a stain free pomegranate. Is my specific ungranted prayer proof of the non-existence of God? I'm pretty sure bayviewmom would say no, and this time, she would be right.

The more I read this, I think there is a chance that bayviewmom is a make-believe non-believer, a goof by someone who does believe in evolution, the principal organizing concept in biology today, trying to make the stupid last standers look even more stupid than they actually are.


FranIAm said...

Stupid sucky losers should shut up and are not allowed!


I must say that the mere mention of bunrab makes me feel very weepy, I must go now... (sob) Oh bunrab, we hardly knew ye and you were the filthiest toy in the house.

Padre Mickey said...

I thought that birds evolved from dinosaurs, not fruit flies. If we check the fruit flies for tax cuts, we'll learn that Republican politicians evolved from fruit flies.

Word verification is abica, which would look better as ¡abica!

Fred Preuss said...

There's a Pew Forum study that shows religious people are much more likely to believe in creationism/'intelligent design'; evangelicals and historic black churches were prominent among those believing in creationism.
As someone who watched black churches get praised for their 'progressive' positions, I will wait for the miracle of 'progressive' mainline protestants (less likely to believe in evolution than the catholics or orthodox)taking a stand both against black anti-gay feelings and black scientific obscurantism; you might want to question the fact that few black churches ordain women-if the Left can protest backwards catholics, why not backwards storefront churches?
A lot of convenient omissions, but you'd expect that from churches that proclaim a belief in and love for 'diversity' while remaining overwhelmingly white and middle to upper middle class.

Fred Preuss said...

Agnostics/atheists in London should save their bus money; what with Muslims cutting off their wives' heads and the vapid, simpering primness of the religious 'liberals', believers make the case against religion better than we could every day.

Karlacita! said...

I love the anti-evolutionists' motivated reasoning. It's adorable, yet dangerous and soul-killing.

If you wanna look at evolution in action, simply look at MRSA. Or the AIDS virus, fer chrissakes.

Oh, but wait, those were created in labs to kill the faithful!

I gotta find another example. Darn!

Motivated. Reasoning. Crushing. Me. Cannot. Think.....

Fred Preuss said...

No, the CIA developed it to kill minorities-don't you listen to Farrakhan?