Saturday, February 7, 2009

A clever parody and a brilliant original

My New York friend in the advertising biz sent me a link to this parody ad for a TV spot for Trader Joe's from an outfit called Carl's Fine Films. TJ's customers will definitely feel the twinge of recognition, and while it makes fun of the store, it is clearly written with love as well.

The tune is entitled Águas de Março, (Waters of March in English) with music and lyrics by Antonio Carlos Jobim. If you know five bossa nova songs, chances are Jobim wrote four of them. While The Girl From Ipenema is the biggest hit, a group of Brazilian journalists in 2001 voted this the best Brazilian song of the 20th Century. I went to The You Tubes to find my favorite version, and this duet by Jobim and Elis Regina won that competition hands down.

Last year, I sung the praises of the coolness of Pérez Prado, the Cuban bandleader. Tom Jobim deserves the same level of respect in my book. Jobim is by no means obscure, but if you go on The You Tubes and look up the stuff he did, you may be surprised at just how much of music we associate with Brazil is really just this one guy.


Karlacita! said...

I went to TJs after seeing this - 'cause it was shopping day - and I sang this song throughout the store. Hah!

It's such a great parody.

It's right up there with the Ben Hur mashup.

Matty Boy said...

It's the two dollar wine, that tastes like four,
It's the stuff that you like, they don't have anymore.

Karlacita! said...

It's the ear of a pig, it's your morning coffee in a cup this big.