Sunday, February 8, 2009

The correct number of senators is 100.

Let's see, we had an election, we had a Christmas and New Year's, a Chanukah, a Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, a Super Bowl, an inauguration... still, we are one guy shy of a full senate.

This guy... Al Franken.

The recount is over. He won by 225 votes. The legal justification for Governor Tim Pawlenty not to ratify this goes something along the lines of... nah, nah, nah, you can't make me, you're not the boss of me!

Seriously, what are we waiting for? The Daytona 500? Ash Wednesday? Pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training?

Republicans, you lost this one. Get used to it. You lost a lot on election day and you are going to lose more. Things went to crap on your watch, it's your fault and the American people know it. Now, if we can just get the people who book the Sunday morning TV gabfests to figure that out, things will be just peachy.

And, oh yeah. The State of Minnesota gets two U.S. senators. And one of them is named Al Franken. Get used to that, too.


FranIAm said...

The idiocy of this is beyond my comprehension. He won. Period.

We got stuck with Bush in 2000 and he didn't even win! So Pawlenty and Co need to just move along and get with the program.

If they feel bad, they can start campaigning for the next election now. In the meantime, government is obstructed.

Lisa said...

This is absolutely maddening. It's as if we have no rule of law, nothing that isn't negotiable, nothing that can't be turned on its head anymore.

And what gives - I thought Republicans hated courts and lawyers.

Karlacita! said...

Okay, Okay, this stimulus package vote. Repubs f up the entire country and then the entire world, and they think they can throw a snit?

Who in the f are these f wads? I'm being careful so I don't f up your effing cuss meter, but f the repubs, the whiny effing babies who can't do anything right - neither leading nor following.

How did we get to this state of affairs? Honestly!

Oh yeah, and f everyone who voted Yes on 8. Effing religious bigots and homophobes and addle-pated f wads.

Hahahah - that's my Sunday sermon.