Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Lindsey, how's about a nice steaming cup...


I saw Senator Graham, creepy little hanger-on in the McCain clique, on C-SPAN, criticizing President Obama, you know the guy who kicked your buddy's ass by about 200 electoral votes, saying that Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan didn't write op-ed pieces or go on all the TV shows when they had to fix Social Security.

You're absolutely right, you ugly little troll, but maybe you hadn't noticed. Obama's in a completely different position. Reagan needed Tip and vice versa. The American people have spoken and your party is on its way to becoming a footnote. He doesn't need all those obstructionist jackasses in the House at all, and he doesn't need all you pinheaded Senators, either.

He needs one of you.

One Olympia Snowe, one Susan Collins, Hell, one Dick Lugar to say, "You know what? I'm sick of you whiny little turds, I'm going to back the guy who actually won the last election, not you useless, sad sack bitches."

And then Obama gets to try his ideas. And if they work, you get to come up with a new party name, because American Republicanism will be dead.

And not a moment too soon.


BobManDo said...

Thanks Matty Boy... Them are strong words. I'm from Maine and I called Senator Collins office to strongly encourage her to Pass the bill.... Her voicemail in dc was full so I called the Augusta Maine office... and let her know... I'm a guy.

Matty Boy said...

God bless you, Bob. I worked phone banks for Move On in 2006 and for Obama in 2008. I think Obama's playing his hand very well, and we are going to see some payoff before Easter.

I think we really could see the shriveling of the GOP with just a few things breaking the right way.

Lisa said...

Amen to that.

And the media needs to stop providing Republicans with the lion's share of air time so that they can completely skew the argument. I know that the media thrives on a fight, but this is a serious mess and it needs to be addressed.

Zoey and Me said...

I think all these people, like Rush, who say publicly that they want Obama to fail, America to fail, should lose their U.S. citizenship and be escorted out of the U.S. Who needs them?

Distributorcap said...

graham is another one of those douchebag closet cases that likes to think he is an accomodation, reasonable nutjob - except he aint -

graham is smack in the middle of -- what ever obama wants, we will hate - end of repblican discussion