Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life under the new regime

No, this isn't a review of the first two weeks of the Obama administration. It's a little self-indulgent discussion of my blog and its on-again, off-again relationship with The Google.

In December 2007, for reasons completely unknown to me, Google decided this blog was an absolute treasure trove of pictures. You could do image searches on Google of all kinds of stuff, and my blog would be recommended as a source. The number of visits to my blog doubled in a matter of days and kept going up from there, but a lot of the new visitors were browsers and not shoppers, if you get my drift.

In December 2008, for reasons also unknown, Google decided this blog wasn't the best place to look for images. The number of referrals from went from over 30% to well under 5% in almost no time flat. What I was left with were people who came to Lotsa 'Splainin' because, well, because they wanted to and had actually planned to make a trip here.

Go figure.

Here is a quick rundown of how most folks who show up here now find the place.

1. Regular readers. There are a passel of folks who intentionally make the trip to this place to read whatever this goofball on the left of your screen decides is worth writing about day after day.

As I have noted before, it takes all kinds to make a world.

Note. It's bad form in advertising to make fun of your customers, so let me thank the folks who visit here. It used to be just people who knew me personally who read my silly stuff, but now there are plenty of folks who stop by, and I'm very glad to have all of them on board.

2. My People, who come to me to find out what the current talking points of Our Agenda will be. Okay, that's just a little private joke. People who like the Giant Women don't actually have an agenda, but since I have friends among Teh Gay, I thought it was totally unfair that they got an agenda and My People didn't, so I decided to make one up.

A lot of people come here to look for the Big Girls for one very good reason. I advertise. Whenever I put up some giantess content, I let people know on two websites dedicated to the topic and a put a link up.

On the days I advertise, I see a big spike in readership and the visitors go directly to the giantess post. Today, I am going to do a control to the experiment. I'm not going to advertise this collage, though it is a very nice one. This is the work of a personal friend of mine who publishes collages under the name Stephanie Evans, one of the first giantess collage artists and still one of the very best.

3.Visitors from BuzzFeed. Again, this is an example of advertising works. There is a website called BuzzFeed, who have a daily ad on The Huffington Post about whatever they think are popular new trends on the web, and invite people to add links to posts about those trends. I've only put up a few links and some of them are as much as two years old, but I still see people coming to my blog because I have posts about Gigantic Child Brides or the queen of Gigantic Child Brides, Miss Elizabeth Kucinich, or posts about Christina Hendricks, the va-va-voomy redhead on the TV show Mad Men.

4. People wanting the mathiness. Now we get to the stuff I don't advertise, but the Google still thinks people might like it. I put up a math post every Wednesday, and I get hits from people asking the Google about the Pythagorean Theorem or Platonic Solids or the Road Coloring Theorem or any of a number of other math posts. I'm very happy people consider this a good source for information on these topics and find them long after I post them. While I don't advertise, that is kind of the general point of writing those things.

5. Christopher Guest skits on Saturday Night Live. Way back in 2007, blog buddy Splotchy came up with the Adopt An Actor meme, and I went out like I was the New York Yankees or something and picked up three superstars who were still free agents, Jeffrey Wright, Christopher Guest and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I wrote a post about some of my favorite work Mr. Guest did when he was on Saturday Night Live for a few years, and for reasons not completely clear to me, the Google thinks of this post as an important place to go for information on this topic. Glad to see Mr. Guest has his fans, because I consider him one of the best humorists of the past four decades.

6. Pictures of birth control pills. These reasons for people coming to my blog I have listed from most easily explained to most mysterious. It used to be Google thought I was a great place to get images of stuff. Now, not so much. Except for one post and one picture on that post in particular. I did a post about inventions that changed society and put up this picture of a birth control pill dispenser, and I can easily expect dozens of people a week to show up to look at this.

Of all the ways that people get to my blog these days, this is the one I understand the least.

So there's the long and short of what my visitorship looks like at the beginning of February 2008. As much as I like actually writing the blog, I like keeping track of the statistics almost as much.


namastenancy said...

Well, I'm glad to be one of your "regular" people. I don't remember how I came here in the first place but I stay for all the posts, even the math ones.

Lisa said...

I am a recent regular and I'm here for the eclectic mix of things. And that picture of you when you were a kid. I love that picture.

trinket999 said...

I came here because I was one of Your People, but I stayed and became one of your Regular People, because I like mathiness, leftwingness, and whateverelseyouwriteness. I can do without the birthcontrolpillness.

I hate to tell you that I still have an agenda. It's nefarious, but secret.

PseudoPiskie said...

I don't know how I got here awhile back but I keep returning. I usually make sure my retired math prof friend gets to see your math posts. He is allergic to reading blogs so I have to help.

Undersquid said...

Like trinket, I'm one of those Stephanie Evans people, but with your face collaged onto the giantess' face as I'm also regular... and I suppose to that collage I should add a shrunken Christopher Guest, since I have an Agenda Within the Agenda, and I think he's hilarious.

And Math is cool too, especially when you put them fancy pictures of triangles and whatnot. I'm amazed LOLZ doesn't syphon more people in here even to register under the new regime.

And I also come here for word verification fun!

jolie said...

I love your blog, that's all there is to it! that's why I'm here. yay matty boy!

I just noticed something about christina hendricks - except for her character, none of the other women working at sterling cooper is beautiful in the 1950s sort of way the show portrays (e.g., the lipstick episode). va-va-voomy, indeed.

Matty Boy said...

Hi, Jolie! You are right about Mad Men and the 1950's va-va-voom. There are other pretty actresses, both at Sterling Cooper and in Don's life away from work, but none them look even a little bit like Christina Hendricks as Joan.

And as though I even have to mention it, when it comes to Joan's look, me likee!