Friday, February 6, 2009

Random 10, 2/6

Time Tom Waits
Paper Doll The Mills Brothers
Only the Lonely Roy Orbison
My Guy Mary Wells
Baby It's You The Beatles
James K. Polk They Might Be Giants
Lucky Number Lene Lovich
Come Running Van Morrison
Valse in E minor (Chopin) Claudio Arrau
I'm Just a Boy Joshua Macrae

Kind of a middle of the road Random 10 this week. Always happy to open with Mr. Tom Waits, then we hit part of the sentimental streak on my computer, and link to the Mills Brothers playing live on Lawrence Welk.


Family singing groups can just be so tight and they know what the others are going to do so well, the best of them are very special, and the Mills Brothers belong in that group.

After that, the random DJ pulls up some tunes from the 60s, then we get They Might Be Giants singing at a Borders Book Store, and flash to Miss Lene Lovich, kind of an Anglo-Serbian precursor to Cyndi Lauper, singing one of my favorites. Put on this tune and do the twist! I know it's era-mixing, but it's a great tune to twist to.

And just when the You Tubes was being so helpful, it's one, two, three strikes you're out to end the Random 10. There is NO Van Morrison anywhere on the You Tubes, the Claudio Arrau pickings are woeful, and since my nephew has only made one video for one song, it's not the fault of the You Tubes that the song that ends the Random 10 isn't up on that website. This is Josh at his most bombastic. I mean, he out-dramatics Roy Orbison, and that is no easy task.



Lisa said...

I think it's a great array of music this week.

I love Only the Lonely. What a great tune. I'll be humming it all night now.

Lockwood said...

Holy cow... I thought I was the only person left who remembered Lene Lovich, besides (maybe) Lene Lovich. I always thought of her as being a cross between Kate Bush and Nina Hagen.

Matty Boy said...

Lisa: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

Lockwood: I'm sure the entire Dresbach clan will remember Lene Lovich. The two artists you compared her to are very fitting, but I think Nina Hagen may be just as obscure as Lene, so it might not help. She also reminded me of Siouxsie Sioux.

Lockwood said...

Actually, Nina Hagen gets played fairly often here at my favorite coffee shop; she seems to have made a minor comeback in the alt-type college crowd.