Monday, March 23, 2009

The race is on!

The Obama administration is taking its own sweet time keeping the most important campaign promise: getting the girls a puppy.

Because one of the girls has allergies, they have decided to get a Portuguese Water Dog, pictured here. Because the breed is half dog and half muppet, the fur is hypoallergenic. (Part of the last sentence is not actually true.)

The girls want to name the dog either Frank or Moose. Ms. Obama doesn't think those are proper dog names, but I strongly disagree. Any size dog can be called Moose, and as long as you don't already have a child or close family friend named Frank, any dog will be happy to be called Frank.

The question is: Which will be the first to make it to Washington? The Obama dog or Senator Al Franken.

Remember: This is an exhibition, not a competition. Please no wagering.


Karen Zipdrive said...

That's a pretty cute doggie, but I wonder why that breed is considered hypoallergenic? Looks pretty (AH-CHOO!)furry to me.
Frank is not a good dog name. It's too close to Barney, and we know that was not at all a good dog.
If I had a puppy, I'd name her Lisagolden.
"Come here, lisagolden, get on my lap, girl..."
"Bad dog, lisagolden!"
"Get your bone, lisagolden...aww, who's a goood girrrrl?"

Arzani said...

I had a Portuguese Water Dog named Merlin. He was a wonderful dog, and totally hypoallergenic. He didn't shed and he had no dander, which is what most people are allergic to. They have to be cut by a groomer (or the owner) or the hair will mat. Many people name them 'bear' because they look like bears, but I think 'Merlin' fit him very well. It's a great choice for the White House.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the breed but God is this one cute or what? I remember at dog training school years ago the dog trainer said we should have two phonetics for a dogs name so it is easier to train. My favorite cat, for example, Zo Ee, has two phonics. And I'm sure you can think of plenty of names that would sound out that way.

Mathman6293 said...

Yes Muppet - that's it!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

They are very puffy, but not furry in the traditional sense. They WILL leave small clumps of fur on the carpet or sofa if you don't have them groomed regularly.

And they are adorably cute--even when they are stealing things, surfing the counters, and chewing everything you own into shreds. Fortunately, mine is sleeping peacefully behind me as I type this...but he won't stay that way long. ;-)


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Sweetest thing!