Friday, March 13, 2009

Random 10+1, 3/13

"Goodbye" From Oedipus Tex (P.D.Q. Bach) Pamela South
Crows In The Garden Raphael Boguslav
I Knew The Bride Dave Edmunds
Heart Shaped World Chris Isaak
Hide Away Folk Family They Might Be Giants
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Our Love Is Here To Stay Ella Fitzgerald
Flower's Grave Tom Waits
Tears of Rage The Band
Don't Know Why Norah Jones
Bonus track: Soul Man Sam & Dave

The Random DJ starts with a couple of off-speed pitches early in the count, with P.D.Q. Bach's version of the Oedipus story, the song sung by Billie Jo Casta before she takes her life. Then there's a great folk song by Ray Boguslav, and then on to some less obscure artists.

Nick Lowe shows up twice on the list, both times as the songwriter of tunes sung by his mates Dave Edmunds and Elvis Costello. Other great songwriters who aren't mentioned here include George Gershwin, who wrote the tune Ella sings, and Bob Dylan, who wrote the song performed by his old back-up group The Band. The Random 10 would be entirely free of 21st Century content except that Norah Jones shows up at the end, and since the eleventh song was Sam & Dave, I decided to add it to give the people something to dance to.

Sadly, Ella's version of Our Love Is Here To Stay is not on the You Tubes. If I had my way, everybody who has ever started their career on American Idol should be banned from performing for a year and made to listen to no one but Ella Fitzgerald. There's vocal pyrotechnics and then there's the song. If the song is any good at all, and some of the Idol people have recorded some truly crap songs, the song is better than all the fancy stuff you can do.

It's about the song, it's not about your voice. I has spoken.


dguzman said...

Amen to that, Matty Boy.

Lisa said...

I knew the bride! I love that song, but hadn't thought of it in a while. Fab!