Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restoring balance to the Google.

As the blog approaches its second anniversary, I went over to the Sitemeter stats page to see how things were going in general. Viewership increased steadily over the months, hit a peak during the election season last year, slipped a little in December and plummeted in January. You'd almost think it was linked to the economy or something.

What it was actually linked to was the Google. In mid December and for about six weeks, Google decided there were no images worth viewing stored at Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do. While the number of actual readers didn't change that much, almost nobody was stopping by to browse the archives due to a search of Google images.

In February, whatever I did to anger the Gods of Google was forgiven and my blog was showing up as a place to find certain types of images again. It would be nice if the economy could bounce back just as quickly, but I doubt it.

Now, for instance, if you look for lolz cats, I Can Has Cheezburger is choice number three and my blog is choice number four. Last year, Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do was choice number 1, which was just crazy. Cheezburger is a primary source, I just borrow, or create lolz using their lolz builder software.

If you want a picture of Indira Varma, (sigh) my blog is now the 30th place Google will send you. I'm okay with that. It makes me feel as though mine is a normal, run of the mill obsession, and not one of those that sends you into a downward spiral, ending in court proceedings and restraining orders.

But if you are looking for pictures of French newsreader and low flying angel Melissa Theuriau, Google is completely unaware that this blog even knows she exists. La Belle Melissa is an Interwebs SuperStah, and there are lots of websites that have pictures of her. Lots as in "fish in the sea" lots.

Can you blame them?


Distributorcap said...

i will say that is one of the cutest cats around.....

i hope i am adding lotsa traffic

Lisa said...

We can hope things will bounce back as quickly, right? I mean, we are in the time of hyperbole. Every thing seems to be THE worst, THE best, THE (whatever).

Let's keep THE hope alive.

Matty Boy said...

Lisa, that is THE BEST comment on this blog ever!

Oh, wait... lemme think about this for a second.