Sunday, March 15, 2009

UK week in review

Stealing a line from blog buddy CDP, if there is such a thing as mildly obsessive/somewhat compulsive disorder, I've got it. I collect data. I don't need a good reason, and I don't need a final goal for the collection, I just do it. I told a story a few weeks ago about Blaise Pascal getting a cool new fangled invention from Italy called a barometer, and just crazy-go-nuts started recording barometric readings all over Paris for weeks on end. Blaise, my nerdy brother from the distant past, I'm totally with you, pal.

I love the SiteMeter stats associated with my blogs. Some other people have a stats widget on their sites, but some of y'all haven't set it so anybody can go look at the info, instead requiring a password. You should be able to get to my stats page without a password. Let me know if that isn't true.

I had fun with the Flags of February experiment, so I tried to think up another such data collection game. I decided to take the cities and towns from the United Kingdom that sent visitors over the past week, then publish the map this morning. As you can see if you click on it, I didn't get any Northern Ireland hits over the past seven days, but I did get a lot from Scotland, Wales and England. Drawing the map got a little tricky because of how many London suburbs sent folks, like Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Slough and Purley. I got visitors from Barry and Bury, from Bath and Bathgate. Everybody knows that the folks in Boston decided to name the town where they founded their college Cambridge after the college town from the old country, but I didn't know about the old country towns of Andover or Brynmawr, did you?

As my father told me many times when I was growing up, you learn something new every day, if you aren't careful.


Padre Mickey said...

I'm embarrassed by my stats; I think they're pretty low. Dog toys and saints just aren't that big of a pull.

Matty Boy said...

You keep it up, buddy! I read you every day. How else will I keep all the St. Gregorys straight?

My stats are high because of My People stopping by, and I'm having some second thoughts about the regular giant woman posts. Also, viewership is up because of a picture of the globe I posted a few months back.

It's them wacky internets!

Lisa said...

I love that! If you're not careful. Sitemeter and Statcounter are sources of amusement for me, too. I'm just amazed that people from all of the world might click on my page for even a second.

dguzman said...

I don't even know how to find those crazy stats on my Sitemeter or Statcounter. I only have the basic (free) counters, so I'm guessing I don't get access to this level of statsiness. At least, that's the story I'm sticking to.