Friday, April 17, 2009

Matty Boy and the Kiss of Probable Death.

Just because I like a show is no sure sign that it must die a miserable death, but outside of shows on HBO and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, my record over the past few years isn't good. I posted last month about two new shows I like, Kings on NBC and Dollhouse on Fox. Kings has had very weak ratings on Sundays, so it is being moved to Saturdays effective this weekend. Dollhouse was planned for a thirteen episode run as a mid-season start show, but Fox has decided only to air twelve. Fox pulled similar crap on the show Arrested Development in its last season, and for my money that was the best program Fox produced this century. Neither Dollhouse or Kings is currently canceled, but the news isn't good.

Then again, I am finding myself tuning every weekend to Legend of the Seeker, a syndicated show being shot in lovely New Zealand, produced by the company that brought us Xena, Warrior Princess. Besides lovely scenery, we get beautiful young people Craig Horner and Bridget Regan as the Seeker and the Confessor, respectively, and the tall guy with the grey hair in the background is Bruce Spence, one of the actors I discussed in a post called A Tale of Two Bruces. There is a lot of lovely scenery, so it's okay if Mr. Spence decides to chew some of it. There's still plenty left over.

On TV, beautiful young people are a dime a dozen. Legend of the Seeker has some interesting ideas, a plot device that promises to keep the beautiful young people from ever becoming a couple and an arc which promises the show should actually come to a resolution in one or two seasons. It's in syndication, so the probability of the show being canceled is much less likely than it is for the shows discussed earlier.

Matty Boy says check them out.


Karlacita! said...

You and I are the kiss of death for shows, though not always.

I'm wondering if doubling up on our voodoo would create a vortex that could kill shows daid?

Could we get together and like Two and a Half Men? Please?

Matty Boy said...

I think our hearts have to actually be into liking a show for us to kill it, Karlacita! The universe will know if we are only pretending.

There is one particularly galling coincidence in the fates of Arrested Development and Dollhouse. When Fox started pre-empting Arrested Development, it put on a piece of crap show called Prison Break. This week's Dollhouse is being pre-empted by the same piece of crap show.

If there were a just God, all DVDs of Prison Break would be immediately confiscated and turned into guitar picks.

I am not hopeful.

Padre Mickey said...

The Lovely Mona and I realized many years ago that our endorsement of a television program on network TV was certain death for the show. We were surprised that "Seinfeld" was successful as we really liked it from the beginning.

Living in Central America has released us from this terrible burden, as any estadoünidense program we see is successful enough to be exported. We did see the REAL Betty La Fea way before ya'll, and our love of the show didn't kill it. I guess the curse only works in the U.S.

I'll be in los estados unidos for four months. Any teevee shows ya want cancelled? I'll pretend I love 'em!

Matty Boy said...

Padre, thank you for your offer of help to rid the gringo airwaves of crap. But as I said to mi hermanita Karlacita!, I think the gods of TV know our true hearts, and pretending to like Two And A Half Men or Prison Break will not be acceptable in their sight, and they will not kill it if we are just faking.

Padre Mickey said...

'sup wit dat Two And A Half Men thang? That is one dumb-ass show! Prison Break is on in Panama but we never watch it.

Last month we bought a DVD of the first season of The Big Bang Theory, which we enjoyed as some of the characters are somewhat familiar to us.

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Undersquid said...

I'm enjoying Kings quite a bit thanks to, and while I never got into Dollhouse (I still maintain it should have been about a woman and a dollhouse and the way she manhandles and toys with the shrunken man that lives in it, hahah), I'd still feel sorry to see anything of Joss Whedon extinguished since I'm a fan.