Monday, April 13, 2009

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Another answer to what is best in life is a well told joke. My friend Amelia gave me a pointer to the website Old Jews Telling Jokes, which has some very funny stuff on it.

Of course, one should always get a free trial before going to a free website, so I present here without charge, Malcolm Busch telling the joke "Drobkin".

What, you could tell it better?


Anonymous said...

JEEBUS Matty Boy, that's the longest joke of record.

Matty Boy said...

Not even close. My father could tell a five minute story without breaking a sweat when I was younger, and he's not even Jewish.

I didn't include Mr. Busch tell the joke about the pope. That one is twice as long.

dguzman said...

Oy, the world really lost a genius when Leo Rosten died. Did you ever read his Joys of Yiddish? CLASSIC.

FranIAm said...

Hilarious - just hilarious.