Sunday, April 12, 2009

The race is over! Please no more wagers.

Last month, I proposed a guessing game as to which thing would be in Washington, D.C. first, Senator Al Franken or a dog for the Obama girls. The contest, which I had hoped would not turn into an excuse for gambling, but no such luck, is now over.

Meet the White House puppy, a Portuguese water dog named Bo.

The Obamas set themselves a difficult task and they did not succeed completely. One of the girls is allergic, so they needed a breed that doesn't shed much. They also wanted a rescue dog. They got the first, but not the second.

Personally, I thought they bit off more than they could chew with the two requirements. If not for the allergies, a rescue dog would have been an excellent choice, but they took five months to keep a promise to two little girls. I think people have forgotten how long a time five months is when you are seven years old.

Here's my opinion. Kids deserve puppies, and vice versa. A rescue dog is usually older, and that's a good choice for older people, but puppies and kids have the same energy level and love for the newness of life. They were meant for each other, and they both have a lot to learn, which they should learn together.

The girls were keen on the puppy names Frank and Moose, but Mama Obama vetoed those. The name Bo is not bad, but for my money it sounds too much like "NO!", a word any puppy should become intimately acquainted with in record time. We'll see how this works out.

In conclusion, this wasn't a perfect choice. The Obamas set too high a goal, then had to compromise, and it took longer than it should have. But thinking about who we had in the White House less than twelve weeks ago, I am loath to complain.

And now a new race. Which will we have first: Senator Al Franken in Washington or Alex Rodriguez in the Yankees line-up?


Distributorcap said...

i wish they could have gotten a rescue dog -- but you are right, it was too difficult.

as for franken -- the GOP will spend every last nickel they have keeping franken out.. watch this get uglier

sfmike said...

That's funny. I like you as dog advisor to the stars, not to mention the Franken Watch. You might want to add to your "which will we have first" list with other possible categories: No more Arctic ice, marijuana becoming legal in California, Madonna making a good movie, the possibilities are endless...

CDP said...

"Moose" and "Frank" would both be very cute dog names. I'm going to say Franken in the Senate by Memorial Day.