Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sure, it's the third world, but you really can't beat the climate.

This week has not been tip-top, worlds o' fun here at Stately Matty Boy Manor.

On Saturday, just as I was leaving the house, there was a power outage. I understand that it extended a few blocks to the east and south, but one block away to the west, traffic lights were working and it was business as usual.

On Tuesday, just as I was to start some tele-commuting work with a company down in San Diego, I can't get a dial tone and people trying to call in get a disconnected message. The system magically corrects itself later that day, but a call to a friend in New York is interrupted by static on Wednesday, and when I pick up the line to call back, again no dial tone, though a different bad sound from the bad sound on Tuesday.


Tonight, as I get set to watch one hour of the three hours of TV I watch regularly in a week, I turn on the TV to discover the cable isn't working.

I am reminded of the few months I lived in El Salvador teaching math about thirty years ago. The only significant difference I can detect is that here in Oakland, I never have to shoo a three foot long iguana out of my living room and back onto the enclosed patio where he belongs.


Karlacita! said...

But what about the flying monkeys?

FranIAm said...


You have seen the future Matty and it includes far less 'lectricity and tv 'n stuff.

CDP said...

We have the same problem in Silver Spring. It's not frequent, but it's frequent enough that we make a point of regularly checking our flashlight batteries and candle supply.

Matty Boy said...

The power outage is pretty rare.

The phone mess up happens far too often.

This is the first time the cable's gone out since I've lived in Oakland, but it was annoying that it happened just as the few shows I like to watch came on AND I have the monthly cable bill staring me in the face.

If just a couple of shows I like get canceled, and sadly that appears to be the case, I have to seriously consider giving cable the heave-ho.

Padre Mickey said...

Sounds like home to me!

Word verification: conariz, as in: Da Souf conariz agin!