Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vox populi: The first public Highlight Reel™ discussion

I'm thinking about what it would take to host a website devoted to Highlight Reels™ and Milk Cartons™. I'd like to have a place like the late, lamented Jump The Shark website where people could stop by, leave comments, vote on topics and have their votes tabulated.

I've decided to put up a poll for the Highlight Reel™ for Madonna as an actress. I do not care for her that much as a performer, but mine isn't the only opinion that counts here. If you have a strong feeling, cast a vote in the poll that is at the top right of the blog and will stay there until mid-month. If your favorite Madonna performance in film or TV isn't here, drop me a line in the comments and I can add it to the poll choices. I've decided arbitrarily that videos don't count.

The Madge Highlight Reel™! Some of us may have been waiting decades for the Madge Milk Carton™, but no such luck. Let your voice be heard and let the debate begin.

UPDATE: Arrrgggh! Once people vote I can't change the list! The rabid fans of Shanghai Express and Swept Away are left without a voice! If I make the website I want to make, this won't happen.


CDP said...

I voted for "League". I love that movie, and I love Madonna in it.

Zoey and Me said...

I worked with John Barnes the author of Evita and after some months of not believing, Madonna took that role as if it were her life, a moving and magical interpretation for anyone who knew Evita. You know where my vote went.

Karlacita! said...

She is a stinky cinematic suppository.

I have said it, and it is true.

Undersquid said...

I was never that big a fan of Madonna, not even during the 80s, when my some of my friends were going nuts with her hairstyles and clothes.

Still, I voted for A League Of Their Own. It was a fun movie, and she managed to avoid interfering with that fun. I daresay she contributed to it.

Matty Boy said...

I switched my vote from too many good films to Evita. I agree with those who say League is a good movie, but her part isn't that special. She seems good because she gets to play so many scenes with Rosie O'Donnell, who really did work great as a comedienne in this one. It's definitely Rosie's Highlight Reel™.