Thursday, May 14, 2009

He looks glum, but he's made me happy.

This morose looking fella is Gil Kerlikowske. Until about 9 o'clock last night, I did not know him from Adam. As of now, he's easily in my top ten list of people hired by the Obama administration.

Kerlikowske used to be police chief of Seattle. He is now the United States drug czar. (To see how I feel about calling people czars, click on this link.) He has been quoted as saying we should lose the phrase "the war on drugs."

Nice first step, Gil.

I want to say that I have no personal stake on the outcome of our country's drug policies. My favorite drugs are caffeine and alcohol. There is absolutely no war on caffeine, and the laws only forbid operating heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol. Since I currently don't own any heavy machinery, I can live with that.

This whole idea that this is a "war" adds to a lot of stupid ideas about how to reduce the use of drugs in this country. There are a lot of people who think that places where drugs are produced are havens of corruption and vice, while the United States, the place where the drugs are consumed, is completely untainted as cops and federal agents try to stop a multi-billion dollar business. We need to look at what our efforts have done to communities, to realize that some of our decisions should be reconsidered, to stop what amounts to a race war with the cops as the shock troops for the white people.

I'm not saying Glum Gil here is the guy who will do it all. But losing the "war on drugs" terminology is a really good first step, and I hope he can follow up on it.


dguzman said...

Amen to that. No one EVER won a war on something as amorphous as "drugs," "poverty," "terror," etc.

I wish Glum Gil the best of luck. He's gonna need it.

Zoey and Me said...

I'm 60 and have been told the past five years by two doctors, one a cardiologist, that if it were legal, "I'd recommend you for medical marijuana". That didn't surprise me. What surprises me is the local of knowledge concerning weed. Wait until the people who oppose it need it. Isn't that always the way it is? This guy has a chance to do something. I heard your gov out there is thinking about it too.

Lisa said...

I'll kill myself eating Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting out of a can much more readily than someone who's smoking the occasional joint or who is using medicinal marijuana. And I don't hear about any War on Betty Crocker.

May the new leadership be successful on this issue.

Matty Boy said...

John Ashcroft seems like a model of judicial restraint and honest dealing in hindsight compared to Alberto Gonzalez, but when he was attorney general he came down hard on medical marijuana here in California. If the feds step out of the way, I think a lot of states and local authorities will start changing the situation on the ground.

I'm not a utopian about the legalization of marijuana, but it's obvious I'm not alone in thinking we can come up with a better system than the one we've got right now.

Karlacita! said...

I don't like czars either, but tsars, that's beaut!

Utah Savage said...

I got em and I'm smokin em. It's good for me, is it good for you? I call it medicine, and I call it fun. Sometimes it makes me nicer, so for company's sake I take it before the visitor arrives.

I'm here grabbing your http thingy so I can finally get that feed fed. Then I will notice the bright shiney new post that pops to the top. Thats how easily I'm distracted. So why was I here...?

Matty Boy said...

Howdy, Utah! Nice to have you aboard.

Medicine only is a problem if it interferes with your life. If it makes you forget stuff, well...

What was I going to say? I forget.