Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new Highlight Reel™ question: The Reel™ Role

The vote on Emma Thompson's career comes to a close, and the answer I consider the correct answer, she's Always Good, so no Highlight Reel™, garnered the most votes, not a majority but more than the next four vote getters added up. If we remove the people who said she always sucks, people who are either trolls or insane, she would have had the Always Good vote as the majority.

On to another topic! This time, instead of considering our opinion on an actor's career, we will consider a set of actors who have portrayed the same character. We will start with one of the most filmed characters in history, Sherlock Holmes.

There are a lot of actors who played the role, and chopping the list down is very subjective. I chose these four actors who played the role either multiple times or in big budget productions. From left to right we have Christopher Plummer (Murder By Decree), Nicol Williamson (The Seven Percent Solution), Peter Cushing (British TV in the 1960s) and Ian Richardson (early 1980's British TV).

And then there are the top two seeds in this tournament. I chose pictures of them without the pipe or the deerstalker hat, because most people will look at them and think, "Egads! It's Holmes!" These are, of course, Jeremy Brett, who sadly passed away just before the series could complete filming every Conan Doyle story featuring Holmes, and Basil Rathbone, who played the greatest detective numerous times in movies in the 1930's and 1940's.

The polling is open until next Tuesday night. You can vote for more than one choice if so desired. Let your voice be heard, for now the game is afoot.


Lockwood said...

Gotta go with Basil.

Matty Boy said...

I'm not disagreeing, though there might be an age based demographic difference.

Lockwood said...

Oh, without a doubt. For example, the 25-35 crowd would most like go with a choice you didn't offer: Brent Spiner (aka Data on Star Treak TNG)

Karlacita! said...

One person who will not be in here is Robert Downey Jr, right?

I saw the previews, and no ... no.


dguzman said...

Definitely Basil, no contest (at least not for me).

Anonymous said...

One old fart for Basil

Matty Boy said...

The predicted demographic split is not materializing. Rathbone is still Holmes, nearly sixty years after the last time he put on the deerstalker cap.

As for Karlacita's comment about Robert Downey, Jr., I too have seen the previews, and he is giving an interesting interpretation of some character, but that character can't possibly be Sherlock Holmes.

namastenancy said...

I'm afraid that I have to split my book. My heart is divided between Basil and Jeremy. The series with Jeremy Brett is closer to the original books but Basil nailed the role as well. I liked the "Seven Percent Solution" with Vanessa Redgrave being kidnapped for some sultan's harem but since Williamson only played Sherlock once, I can't really vote for him. I'm a huge fan of Ian Richardson but I don't think I've ever seen his Sherlock Holmes (runs off to Netflix to check it out).
Another great contest!