Friday, May 15, 2009

Random 10, 5/15 and a reminder to vote

Bluebird Buffalo Springfield
Ooo Baby Baby Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Don't Go Yaz
Long Ago And Far Away Jo Stafford
Done Somebody Wrong Elmore James
Love Junkyard Rickie Lee Jones
Novacane Beck
What Holly Sees Madder Rose
Missionary Man Eurythmics
I Ain't Got Nobody Fats Waller

Only six of ten on The You Tubes this week, which is a low percentage given recent history. I'm a little surprised that Bluebird from Buffalo Springfield is missing, not at all surprised that the Madder Rose song isn't there.

Alison Moyet and Yaz! I loved Yaz! British synth-pop at its finest.

Everyone on American Idol and the dreck shows like it should be forced to listen to singers like Jo Stafford. You don't have to go through vocal pyrotechnics on every song. Learn to sing the song the way it's written. Sometimes, the songwriter actually knew what he was doing. When it's Jerome Kern, he always knew what he was doing.

Also like to give a shout out to Elmore James. Not only did he play the guitar in a completely distinctive style, he wrote blues songs where the singer admits that some of his troubles might be caused by his own actions. Startling!

Sorry this version of Fats Waller playing I Ain't Got Nobody isn't available. There was never a pianist before or since who means as much to me as Fats. He was superb.

You may have noticed there is no Madonna on the list. The probability of a Madonna song on a Matty Boy Random 10 is.... let's see..., oh yeah, zero.

But I put up this picture of Madge once again because the voting on her Highlight Reel™ ends tonight, May 15 at 10 pm PST. Right now, "she sucks" is in the lead with Desperately Seeking Susan close behind in second. I'm pretty sure there's a Desperately Sucking Susan joke in there somewhere, and I'm also sure that any such joke would not be something I'd like my mom to read, so I'm just gonna leave it alone.

Vote! Operators are standing by!


Utah Savage said...

Her "music" may suck but Madge looks marvelous for an old broad. I haven't ever listened to her "music." Still, idiot that she may be, she knows how to work those muscles and put her stylist to good work.

Karlacita! said...

Oh, she's had scads of work done, and most photos we see of her are photoshopped.

Actually, most photos we see of an entertainer are photoshopped.

But she's also got some good bone structure under all the cwazy!!

Matty Boy said...

I like a woman who has some tone and definition, but Madge has her arms looking like some wind-whipped oak trees in Monterey. Doesn't work for me.

Lockwood said...

I have owned at least four copies of "Upstairs at Eric's." Well, three, if I acknowledge that one copy was a cassette tape I made of the album. I was always partial to "In my Room..." dark, ominous and surreally lonely. And of course, "Only You." But somehow, like many of my favorite albums, this one has a clear prediliction to being disappeared.

namastenancy said...

Smokey and Stafford - fabulous picks for Friday. As far as Madonna goes - the face isn't half bad with her great bone structure although I preferred her with heavier eyebrows. However, the arms are very unattractive. Well, somebody should tell her to stay away from the bustier or sleeveless look. Not a good one on her these days.