Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remiss with no excuse.

Tuesday was my father's 80th birthday, and as a blogger, I somehow thought I had more important things to write about.

Sometimes, I'm a real dunce. Happy birthday, papa, and many happy returns.

The family is getting together over at his place this Friday to celebrate, and we are having a potluck of foods from our childhood. The only childhood meal I still cook is Dr. Martin's Mix, a casserole of sausage, bell pepper, celery and rice, so I'm bringing that. Besides the siblings who live locally, my sister Jenny, pictured here, is coming in from out of state, so it will be nice to see her as well.

This week, I've got a bunch of get togethers planned, including a lunch yesterday with Padre Mickey and The Lovely Mona, who are in town for a brief stay. It's was very nice catching up with them. I swear, when I get a couple of nickels to rub together, I've got to get me a digital camera so I can capture those rare moments in my life when I'm not obsessing about math or this blog or both.


CDP said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hubbard! I hope you have a great family get-together. I got a camera recently, and I use it all the's a very good purchase.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Happy birthday to Senior!

Karlacita! said...

Happy Birthday Daddddooooooooo!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday to your father! What a great photo!

You need a camera? Hmmmmmm. Perhaps a fundraiser is in order?

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to all my dad's well wishers. As for fundraisers... I don't do fundraisers, but I appreciate the thought.

dguzman said...

Happy birdday to Mr. Hubbard! Looking great at 80!