Sunday, May 24, 2009

Social networking for cyber-hermits.

Twitter finally let me quit my account. Hurrah! I was a sort of early adopter of Twitter and a super early abandoner. I'm not saying I'll start a trend; after all, I still hate creepy-ass blue tooth phones, and my disdain has done nothing to slow the sales of those monstrosities.

I got an e-mail message from Facebook this weekend and decided to go back on that site to see what was happening. I was rewarded with an old fambly photo on my sister Karlacita's page. Karla is not in this photo; she would have been just a baby when this was taken. We have, from left to right, my big sister Kim, big brother Michael holding his dog Fang, and small, swarthy and symmetrical me. It kind of looks like Kim is keeping the sun out of Michael's eyes, but she's actually trying to pet Fang. It's hard to make out Fang's head against the background, but she's looking over at me. You can clearly make out the puppy's floppy right ear, and that white speck to the right of her ear is a little light colored fur near her nose.

I don't know when or where the photo is taken for sure, but this should be when we lived in Redding, so I would have been four or five. I still had the big round head that people commented on in my baby picture with my dad. I eventually grew up so my noggin no longer looks so massive. Alas, none of the adjectives small, swarthy or symmetrical are very apropos anymore.


Utah Savage said...

I love old family photos. I can't get behind facebook because I don't want to be found by old friends. I want new friends who know nothing about me. I want a fresh start, like someone in witness protection. When I have a bit of cash put away, I'm going to buy a scanner so I too can post old photos. When you don't know how to photoshop, you have to make do with the wonders of digital photos.

Matty Boy said...

I've been on Facebook for a while but haven't used it much. Since I started using it this weekend, my browser has become unreliable. The two things may not be related, but I am wary.

I have one last shot at Twitter planned, but the post hasn't completely been turned into a coherent object in my brain yet.

dguzman said...

Brilliant photo.

I too have had weird browser troubles since I started Facebook. I got a brand new computer and all the problems disappeared -- until I logged into Facebook. Again--no clear undeniable cause-and-effect, but it's enough for me to be worried about.

Karen Zipdrive said...

What a cute little pisher you were.