Friday, May 1, 2009

The Unbidden Five, 5/1

Well, I had yet another week where songs I don't have stored on my computer show up in my brain and go on heavy rotation. What series of free association gets me to these songs I can't really tell, but they are all pretty good, and of course, damn catchy. See if you don't agree.

I Wish Stevie Wonder

"Looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy..."

Is the song now stuck in your head, too? Good.

I might be able to play the rhythm piano part of the backup band, but listen to the guitar, bass and drums. If you can play any of those correctly, you are a far better musician than I ever was. DAMN those guys are tight! The bassist is Nathan Watts. Depending on who you read, either Raymond Pounds or Stevie himself is on drums. Stevie plays the guitar. Stevie plays the piano.

I know my mom reads this blog, but.... motherFUCKER!

I mean that in the nicest possible way.

George Murphy Tom Lehrer

"Oh gee, it's great...
At last we have a senator who can really sing and dance!"

This is from the day when people think Ronald Reagan going into politics is a ridiculous joke. Maybe it was a golden age.

Many A New Day Shirley Jones

"Many a new day will dawn before I do."

This is one heck of a tough aria, and Shirley rips it up.

Also, she was easy on the eyes back in the day.

The Atcheson Topeka and the Santa Fe Judy Garland

Both FranIAm and Karen Zipdrive thought I was a gay boy when they first started reading this blog, though they meant that in the nicest way. Probably the show tunes.

The version in my head is much simpler than the one on The You Tubes. I think this is a bit over-produced.

Go Now The Moody Blues

"We've already said...

Those may be the lyrics, but the tune says "Last dance at the prom before the kids have sex in the back seat of dad's Ford."

This is before The Moodys became the druggie's favorite. It's a cover of a tune originally recorded by Bessie Banks. Lots of British bands began their careers covering American artists, including the Beatles and the Stones.

The piano part is the thing that gets stuck in my head first, but my brain definitely sticks around for the harmony in the chorus. Great tune.

What's stuck in your head these days?

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