Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celebrity deaths do not come in threes.

Someone else died this week who I knew perfectly well before the obituary explained it to me. Like Michael Jackson, celebrity pitchman was only 50 years old when he died. Unlike the Sham Wow guy, I actually had seen Billy Mays ads before he had a brush with the news.

I'm not the only one of my blog buddies who thought this was worth a post. Karen Zipdrive of Pulp Friction also decided his passing was worth a post.

I know this is going to sound both callous and contrarian, but Billy Mays' passing means much more to me right now, in June of 2009, than does Michael Jackson's. Besides his annoying ads for cleaning products, the ad designers at ESPN, who have created some of the funniest ads for over twenty years now, decided to hire Billy Mays as a spokesman for their website,

He's done a bunch of ads for them, many of them high-larious, and they have to pull them from the air now.

Damn, but that sucks.

Here's my favorite of the Billy Mays ads for I love the way the young woman delivers her great line.

You think you can write comedy that well? I say this with love, gentle reader. I'm thinking you can't.

Enjoy the ad. And as for Billy Mays... Billy, we hardly knew ye.


dguzman said...

That was pretty funny! Poor guy. Wonder what happened? Heart attack?

The once-great Gail Storm also passed away. What's going on?

Matty Boy said...

News reports say he was hit by a falling piece of luggage when on an airplane flight. Everything was okay, he said he was fine, but he died not long after. This might be like the situation with Miranda Richardson a few months back.

Margaret Benbow said...

Billy's booming voice is always mentioned, but I love his crisp, exact, forceful hand gestures. Every one is a power point. R.I.P. Billy!