Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting grumpy about new technology.

I feel about Twitter much the way I feel about hands free cell phones. I'm aware that my grumpiness about the topic isn't going to change how people feel, but looking at it from the from the opposite angle, how people feel about Twitter and blue tooth cell phones is not going to change my grumpiness.

So there!

And then we have Bing. A new search engine from Microsoft. It's better, the ads say. No more nonsense you don't need when searching.

Microsoft wouldn't lie to us, would they?

Well, "lie" is such a strong word. Let's be kind and say that the new software still has some bugs to work out.

Most people who find this blog on searches are still using Google, not surprisingly. But a few referrals have come from Bing.

Someone went to Bing and typed in "Indira Varma" and came to my blog. But the picture associated with my blog, a picture found very far down the list of pictures on Bing, is the lolz you see here. Many of the pictures I have published of Ms. Varma are available when you type in her name at Bing, but they only way to get to my blog is to follow the link with the bionic dog.

Ending on a positive note, when I looked through the available images of Ms. Varma on Bing, I found this publicity still from the London play The Vertical Hour. Obviously, this is an optical illusion. Ms. Varma is not actually head and shoulders taller than her co-star.

Or, given that she is wearing clothing completely exposing the prettiest collarbone the baby Jesus ever invented and looking like she's about seven feet tall, this could have been created from new technology able to turn my dreamy dreams into still photos.

That's new technology that wouldn't make me grumpy.


dguzman said...

And look how happy her costar is to see this 7-foot beauty!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bing, schming.
I say we need a year-long moratorium on new technology.