Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little camera experiment

So I took my cool new camera with me as I ran errands this morning, going shopping over at Trader Joe's. Eventually, I'll start taking pictures of people, but for now it's birds and buildings.

I stood on a little hill in one of the many parks that dot Lake Merritt, and thought I would try my luck at taking several pictures that could be spliced together for a panoramic view. The white building on the far left is the courthouse, the large building just to the left of the street sign is the Kaiser Center.

Here's the second half of the panorama. Anyone can see where the pictures are spliced together because I'm using a really basic Paint program to do the splicing. Soon, I'm going to upgrade the computer I use to hook up to the Internet, trading out my laptop and using a newer desktop instead. That computer has PhotoShop, and my cropping and color balancing should get better.


Synthaetica said...

cool, Matty Boy!

it ain't the cheap program you're using, it's the camera settings. to take multi-photo panos, you can't use autoexposure. find your midpoint and shoot with exposure set there for the entire trip around.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll take that into account on my next Oakland panorama.