Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A new Highlight Reel™ vote: Mr. T, fool!

As the Catwoman vote winds down to the final few hours, Julie Newmar's name has appeared on 67% of the ballots cast. If this were the Baseball Hall of Fame, she wouldn't get in because the threshold is 75%.

C'mon, people! What's the Baseball Hall of Fame without Julie Newmar?

Okay... sorry. I may have gotten carried away with stretching comparisons beyond their breaking point. I've been reading too much David Foster Wallace.

So let's go back to an actual Highlight Reel™ vote. What is the finest work in the oeuvre of Mr. T?

Besides the Always Good and Always Stinks options, (I decided Mr. T would not like an option called Always Sucks), you have Rocky III and The A-Team as Highlight Reels™, and The A-Team as his Milk Carton™, the last thing he did before effectively vanishing into parody.

Some people might want to vote for the time Nancy Reagan sat on his lap, but let us recall that was not a role in a movie or on a TV show, that happened in real life.

(Audible shudder.)

You've got until next week, fools, so stop your jibber jabber!


CDP said...

I'd have to go for A-Team for Mr. T. It's excellent that you're doing a highlight reel pool for him.

dguzman said...

Rocky III, most definitely, given his stellar work during the "heckling Rocky and Adrian at the Rocky statue" speech.

"Hey woman! Hey woman! Listen hee-ah!" Check it out--it's even on the youtoobs as a "best scene" from Rocky III! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF_iiX1HepM

I love it.

Matty Boy said...

Oh sure, you say you're gonna vote, but I don't see any votes on the poll but mine.

It's all just jibber jabber!

namastenancy said...

From Julie to Mr. T - now that's a stretch! From the sublime to the absurd.

Karlacita! said...

Julie's gams hyp-motized me!!!

But I voted for always good, you fools. Come ONNNNNNNNNN. Just the lack of botox puts him in his own category.

Drink your milk and go to school! Don't do drugs! Mr. T needs work!

Lockwood said...

Can't stand him, never could. Couldn't you have let me enjoy my forgetfulness?

Anonymous said...
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