Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh, kitteh toy, why must you torment me?

Can you not see I is in my kitteh chrysalis, metamorphisisigh...sum...sing?

Go away and come back when I becomes transcendent being.



Utah Savage said...

You got lotsa 'splainin to do putting teh kitteh inna sleeve.

dguzman said...

That poor kitteh! Taunted by teh toy, tryin' to tranzform--iz all 2 much!

Lisa said...

That is hilarious! The Pussies for Peace are split on it, though. Two see the humor, two want to file some sort of lawsuit about it or organize a vigil for the tortured kitteh. Typical of them.

Matty Boy said...

If the kitteh was obviously vexed and trying to escape the cocoon, I would not have posted this. But I think it's fabulous that the kitteh happily retreats back into the snug fitting object each time after launching an attack.