Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks, mom!

My mom decided out of the blue to get me a very generous present. Not my birthday, not Christmas or Kwaanza, just a thoughtful gift. Given her circumstances, it might be better described as extravagant rather than generous, but I have been told I'm not allowed to bring that up, so that is the last word on that topic.

She got me a digital camera, a Canon Power Shot. If you have seen the ads, there is a clear implication that each camera comes with your own personal Maria Sharapova, but there was none in the packaging, or even a phone number where she could be contacted.

The company will be hearing from my lawyers.

My first expedition outside was to take some pictures of local flora and fauna. This very symmetrical evergreen is in the little park that is a block from my house and is on my way to Laney College, which is two blocks away from my house.

This is my first attempt at catching a moving object, and if I don't get better at it, I may not be showing many more of these. This is a tern. Given the shape of the tail, clearly visible here, and the markings on the head, not clearly visible, I think it's an Arctic Tern, though Oakland is clearly not arctic.

Oakland is also clearly not Canada, but there's no telling the Canada geese that, now is there?

Regular readers might recall that I wrote about the local and visiting birds last November, and I said there was this big goose that towered over the Canada geese the way the Canadas tower over the ducks, but I couldn't find a good picture on the net. Well, here it is. I think it's a buff goose, though it may just be a regular goose using performance enhancing drugs.

Ha! Bird watcher humor.

I will be taking more pictures and I hope to get better at shooting and cropping. I again want to thank my mom for her generous gift. Thanks, mom!


FranIAm said...

What a great mom! Of course, from all appearances, you are a great son, so it all makes sense.

Great camera and great shots.

Sorry about the lack of tall super-model-y type in the packaging and then to add insult to injury - no phone number!

Da noive of the bastids!

All in all though, you have done beautifully.

namastenancy said...

WOW! What a great gift and what a great mom!! I would make comments about the great son but then, I don't want to repeat the comment above (even if it's true). I am jealous since I've been wanting to buy a new camera for ages and now, have to pay off my dentist before I can. But I will live vicariously through your exploration of your new toy and hope to exchange notes. Sorry about the missing Sharapova but maybe she's not tall enough for you?

Matty Boy said...

Ms. Sharapova is 6'2", or 1 m 90. I may be greedy, but I'm not insane. That's plenty tall enough for me.

namastenancy said...

I had no idea - well, the nerve of them! Call your lawyers immediately.

Karlacita! said...

Yay Matthew!!!!

CDP said...

Very nice camera and pictures! My Nikon Coolpix DID come with Ashton Kutcher and it took me months to get rid of him; meanwhile, he had eaten us out of house and home and couldn't pick a towel up off the bathroom floor to save his soul from Hell, so count your blessings.

dguzman said...

I didn't buy a Canon Rebel just so I wouldn't get stuck with a past-his-prime Andre Agassi. Whew. Steffi can keep him. Sorry you didn't get your Sharapova, however. All the same, way to go, Momma Hubbard!

Great pics, Matty! And ha ha for your bird humor! I think that's probably a Forster's Tern--an Arctic Tern would be quite rare at this time of year. As for the goose, I think you're right with your ID.

sfmike said...

I like your moving object pic. We need to get you a copy of Photoshop and give you a little lesson and then it's watch out, world.