Monday, July 27, 2009

New Poll: Favorite A.D.A. on Law & Order

Okay, it's been a while, so let's have a new poll. Who is your favorite A.D.A. on the original version of the long time TV drama and re-run staple Law & Order?

In the real world A.D.A. stands for Assistant District Attorney, but we all know that on the show, it stands for Attractive District Attorney. I was going to state the question of the poll "Who's the hottest Babe D.A. on Law & Order?", but I felt that put Richard Brooks at too much of a disadvantage.

Heck, there may be some who think Richard Brooks is a babe. No judgments. On such matters, I can be very open minded.

Here's the list in chronological order.

Richard Brooks.

Back when the show started, there were less commercials per hour than there are now, so when the episodes from back in the day are shown, TNT either has to speed them up or cut scenes. Sometimes this means good scenes are on the cutting room floor, and those are often scenes between lawyers that aren't in the courtroom.

This means less Richard Brooks, which is a shame. I liked his work.

Jill Hennessy.

The first Babe D.A. She was kind of a perky, liberal college girl all grown up, and I'll admit having a crush on her. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Carey Lowell.

When it comes to my physical type, Carey Lowell comes the closest. Very tall, beautiful face, great figure. Also, in real life she was married to Richard Gere, so I'm sure she's... open minded.

Her character was a little more hard edged than Jill Hennessy's, and maybe (not much of a spoiler alert) I just didn't completely forgive the producers for killing off Hennessy's character. Still, she fills out a business suit reeeeeeal nice.

Angie Harmon.

Beautiful face, nice figure, smoky voice.

Kinda creepy character played by an actress with creepy politics.

Elisabeth Röhm.

Years ago, when I was trying unsuccessfully to learn German, my instructor would pronounce a word with an umlaut over the o or the u, I would try to repeat the sound and then I would be told I was wrong. So, whenever I see her name, I pronounce it Elisabeth Ruuuuhhhhm!, somewhere between the sound of an engine revving and some low animal noise.

It works on several different levels.

Annie Parisse.

Annie Parisse is one of several regulars on the show that appeared on Law & Order in an earlier episode playing a completely different character. This is also true of S. Epatha Merkerson and Jerry Orbach.

Like with Carey Lowell, I may hold a slight grudge against the producers that clouds my judgment, since the show got rid of Elisabeth Ruuuuhhhhm! and kept Fred Thompson.

Alana De La Garza.

I haven't seen many episodes with Alana De La Garza. I never got in the habit of watching new episodes of Law & Order on NBC. When I had cable, I kind of liked seeing that a new episode was starting on TNT, seeing how fast I could recognize it or not recognize it as the case might be, and decide in the first five minutes if I was going to watch something new to me or stick around to watch an old one I liked.

Still, she's pretty cute. Heck, they all are.

Polling will be open until next Sunday. You can vote for several favorites. Let your opinion, if any, be known.


Margaret Benbow said...

Carey Lowell married Richard Gere, so she should be discreetly disqualified out of pity for her mental disorder.

dguzman said...

Now this is my kind of poll!

Decisions, decisions....

Matty Boy said...

My apologies to those two who voted. I had a misspelling in the poll and I got all anal retentive about it, so I pulled it down and put it back up.

You can vote again if you'd like, and anyone who stops by is free to vote as well.

Utah Savage said...

I liked Jill Hennessy best.

I watch the show like a junkie. I'm hoping they never take it off the air or ill start a crime spree to get my fix by having a real like experience with a real like ADA.