Sunday, July 19, 2009

Okay, so just how big a jerk is Powers Boothe?

Well, hypothetical question asker, I'm not in show business and I've never met the man, but reading between the lines, I'm guessing he is a huge, gaping sphincter.

Now that I am without cable TV, I decided to spend some of the money I'm saving every month by not sending any to those creeps at Comcast. I bought the second season of Deadwood and watched the first two episodes last night. The first episode had two different commentary tracks. The first track was with the male stars of the show, Tim Olyphant and Ian McShane, who play Seth Bullock and Al Swearingen, respectively. Being men, they made merciless fun of themselves, each other and nearly everyone in the cast. To be fair, they were actually very nice about the female cast members, except that Olyphant and McShane are neither of them very tall, so they made some fun of Anna Gunn, the actress hired to play Bullock's wife in the second season, who is nearly as tall as Olyphant or possibly taller. In the scenes with her, Olyphant's comments were along the lines of "I must have been standing on a box. She must have been walking in a ditch."

Except when there were scenes with Powers Boothe, about whom they said... nothing.

The second commentary track was with Molly Parker and Anna Gunn. Being women, they were nice about nearly everyone in the cast and nice to each other. Molly and Anna commiserated about the uncomfortable costumes and how difficult life must have been for women back in the day. They talked about the rampant sexism of the 19th Century and that some of those attitudes exist even to this day.

They agreed on the continued existence of rampant sexism when Powers Boothe was on screen. I'm sure it was just coincidence.

Okay, I'll stop being coy. I don't think it was coincidence at all.

Let me repeat. I've never met the man and have no first hand experience. He may be a lovely person and very gracious to his fans. But I get the feeling he didn't make many friends on the set of Deadwood, and in general, it sounds like it was a very friendly set.


Distributorcap said...

i love how you read between the lines. powers booth most famous role was that of Rev Jim Jones, wonder if some of the character rubbed off

Margaret Benbow said...

Usually you can tell if an actor is an a.hole by if he thinks he can act with his hair. In the picture, Booth has artfully sculpted curls, a wannabee-Rhett- Butler moustache, and his eyebrows look plucked. Case closed.

Karen Zipdrive said...

When I saw him in the Jim Jones pic, I figured he was a dick.
He's the Anna Deveare Smith of B-List actors.